The 6 types of guys you'll date in your lifetime

Written by Jessica Lunan


With the multitude of guys we match with on Tinder on the daily, we’ve discovered that there are certainly different ‘types’ of guys that we often come across. From notorious f*boys to the ones who are almost too sweet, here are the types of guys you’re sure to date in your lifetime.

The playboy

Aka the f*boy. This is a type that, unfortunately, many of us are far too familiar with. This is the type of guy to hit up your phone for a booty call at 1am, sends you a smirk emoji after you haven’t heard from him for weeks and probably has at least 3 other side chicks. Yep, as frustrating as they are, there is something about how disinterested they are that makes us even more interested. Common sense, we know.


Crazy party boy

You first met on a night out, and for your first date he asks if you want to go to the latest bar, followed by hitting up the clubs... on a Thursday night. Yep, he’s certainly the life of the party, but don’t expect to do anything other than drinking on the weekends with this party boy.

The nice guy

The complete opposite to the playboy, the nice guy is just a little overly kind. He’ll shower you in flowers, chocolate and compliments. He’ll send you good morning texts, continuously shout you dinner and proudly hold your hand in public.

The homebody

It’s truly a miracle that you managed to get this guy to leave his house to go on your first date. To him, romance means staying at home and watching Netflix, or you watching him play his Xbox...

The show off

This guy loves to boast. From the amount of money he earns in a year, to how much his holiday home in Byron cost him- everything always ends up being a competition with this guy. Especially when money is involved.

The bad boy

It’s a fact that for some ridiculous reason us women can’t help but love bad boys. This guy loves to break the rules, test the boundaries and probably has a criminal record. While there’s something so alluring about the thought of changing this bad boy's ways, if they’re that destructive with themselves, how do you expect for them to handle your heart?