Survive your family when you're single AF at Xmas

Written by Jessica Lunan


Picture this. It’s Christmas day and you’re surrounded by all your loved ones. Your brother is sitting next to his wife of 5 years and their 3 kids, your cousins are all there with their partners, and your younger sister even managed to rope in her latest boyfriend to come along to the fam festivities, even though they’ve only been dating for 3 weeks.

And that’s when disaster strikes. Your uncle turns to you and says “so, got a boyfriend yet?” and just like that all eyes are on you.

No, having a partner doesn’t define you. But it’s especially during the festive season that your family loves to make your single status a major deal. Here’s how to survive your family when you’re single AF at Christmas.

1. Have a little too many fruity cocktails

It is the season of indulgence after all! One of the easiest ways to manage your family when you’re single AF is to ignore their questions, have a cocktail and be the life of the party. They’ll see how happy you are, and we’re sure a few of your fam members will be reminiscing on their single day antics when they see you. Unless, that is you dwindle into drunken despair about your love life. Nothing good is going to come out of that!

2. Rope in a friend to come along for your celebrations, or even team up with another single family member

It’s no secret there’s safety in numbers. By bringing a friend or hanging out with another solo girl or boy, it’ll lessen the blow of your family’s questions.


3. Send a Christmas card to your parents signing off with your imaginary boyfriend’s name

This is only for very desperate measures. And while you’re at it, tell them that he’s visiting his family interstate for the holidays and photoshop him into the festive photo you send along with the card. Yep, he gets told he looks exactly like Zac Efron all the time!

4. When asked the dreaded question, change the subject to things your happy about in you're life

When it comes down to it, your family just wants to know that you’re happy (even though they are so great at being annoying). So, by dodging all questions about your love life and answering them with how successful you are in your career, your family is sure to eventually let your single status drop.


5. Avoid being the Grinch of relationships

It’s so easy to become slightly envious of couples during the festive season. Try not gag when you see PDA when presents are being excanged, get frustrated while watching Love Actually and rip down any traces of mistletoe you come across.

6. Ignore the temptation to hit up your ex

We get it. Christmas can make you feel vulnerable. But your ex is not the answer.

7. You’re a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man (or buy any gifts)

Remind yourself of how great being single is during Christmas! You can flirt with the cute guy from the office at your work Christmas party, catch up with friends for end of year drinks without feeling guilty for dragging your other half along or worry about what in the world to gift their mum for Christmas. Plus, because you don’t have to buy your partner a gift it means you can treat yourself to that Hourglass Palette you’ve been eyeing off at Mecca without feeling guilty! ‘Tis the season of giving after all!

8. Let the thought of your New Year’s Eve antics get you through

While handling your family is torture now, just think how fun your New Year’s Eve celebrations are going to be when you’re partying with your single BFFs!