Survival guide when your BFF hates your man


Here’s the situation. You’ve finally made things official with your new man. You’re happy, life’s great and it feels incredible to have finally found someone who likes you for you. But that’s when the whole “serious-ness” of a new relationship comes into play. As you’re now a huge part of your man’s life, it’s time for him to integrate you into his other relationships, and the same for you.

As daunting as it is, usually it’s a given that the people you love will generally love your new man too. We mean, they should be happy that you’re happy, right? But what if the worst was to happen. What if your BFF hates your new man?

Here’s the survival guide to when your friends don’t love your new man.

Protective mother hen

Do you know that feeling when your BFF is suddenly hanging out constantly with their work colleagues, sharing Insta pics and tagging each other in memes? It sucks, right? Well, perhaps your BFF is feeling those exact same emotions when she sees you with your new boyfriend. Chances are she’s feeling threatened by this new relationship. TBH, she wants what’s best for you and is generally concerned that your bestie status might be in jeopardy! Ensure you always make the time for your weekly catch up cocktails, movie nights and always reply to her texts to ensure she doesn’t feel abandoned.

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Green eyed monster

It might sound terrible to say, but seeing your new flourishing romance where everything is new and exciting might make your BFF feel a tad envious, especially if they’ve been in a long-term relationship or are single. Seeing a cute honeymoon phase can make anyone pine for the days when things were a whole lot more romantic.


Does she have a reason to feel this way?

Sometimes when you’re in a new relationship it can be easy for you to wear rose tinted glasses, and maybe miss some things that your man might be saying or doing that can upset your BFF. Remember when Heidi introduced Spencer to LC on The Hills? If your man is overly sarcastic, uninterested and rude when meeting your BFF, of course she’s not going to like him. Calmly bring it up to your man that you’d appreciate it if he was nicer to your BFF. Chances are once he realises you’re upset he will change his ways, quick smart!

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The real deal

If it’s not your man, and nothing else seems to change how you BFF is acting or talking about your boyf, it’s time to sit her down and ask her what’s going on. While it’s always hard to avoid confrontation, when your BFF is continually bad mouthing someone you really like it can bring you down and put strain on your relationship. Voice this to your BFF and calmly tell her that the way she’s treating your man is hurting you. If she truly loves you she’ll quickly change her ways.

We hope this helps anyone experiencing a little BFF drama, and that one day your BFF and BF will one day get along.