Spice it up: Seduce your man and make him want you

You'll be irresistible to your man with these sexy yet subtle tips!

Make him want you and seduce your man with these tips!

Ladies, sometimes you just need to take control and remind your man how lucky he is to have a vixen like you.

Being sexy is all about exuding confidence; it’s in the way you move, the way you swing your hips when you walk and the way you rock what you’re wearing.

Be sensual and own it with these tips which are sure to drive him crazy (in just the way you want it to)!

Incidentally wear something you know drives him crazy

Walk around the house in an outfit (or lack of) that you know very well turns him on, like one of his shirts with nothing underneath, but act totally innocent about it.

Flirt with your features

Flutter your lashes and make sexy eyes at him, lick your lips and exaggerate your moves.

Draw his attention

Wear a dress or cami with thin straps that have a habit of slipping down and then sensually push the strap back onto your shoulder, drawing attention to your décolletage and cleavage.

Surprise him with a new lingerie purchase

Once you’re in a relationship it's easy to get into a habit of wearing comfy undies, why not surprise your man with a new lingerie set... but don’t make a big deal out of it and let him ‘discover’ it himself.

Buy new lingerie and spice up your love life

Accentuate your best bits

Wear a white tee with a black push up bra underneath or a pair of pants that accentuate your booty and remind him of how lucky he is to be able to call all that his.

Send him a surprise text while he’s at work

Unexpectedly send him a text and remind him about ‘that time he did that thing to you’ or tell him what you’re thinking about doing to him when he gets home.

Make an effort with your locks

Wear your hair down and swish is around like the sexy goddess you are!

Rihanna sexy hair flick seducing her man

Flaunt that cleavage

Wear a low cut top and make a point of leaning over so he has a great view.

Skin on skin action

Treat your man to a scalp massage or rub his shoulders, all the touching is sure to lead somewhere.

Stimulate his senses

Spritz a perfume that will make you smell so good he can’t resist.

Now go forth ladies, and make him desire you! 

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Words: Frances van Eeden