Small signs your relationship is getting serious

Things are starting to get pretty real if you're able to relate to these small signs.

You keep stuff at their place

I recently bought a dressing gown and some slippers just to keep at my boyfriend's apartment, because #relationshipgoals people. It starts with a toothbrush, maybe your favourite mug and eventually turns into some clothes, a full beauty bag and eventually, a drawer.

You're friends with their family on social media

It starts with the photo tags, then the inside jokes on the feed and before you know it, you're getting friend and message requests from his mum.

You get ready at their place

Because giving someone you're dating a glimpse into your morning beauty routine (all 45+ minutes of it) indicates trust.

You aren't stressed about what you look like in the morning anymore

The days of wearing makeup to bed because you couldn't bear to let your new man see you without it (yep, guilty!) are gone.

Their address is the default in your UberEats account

Because what's better than ordering in some pasta to your SO's apartment on a Sunday night? Or maybe UberEats just doesn't deliver to your area so you have no choice.

You've had a big fight... and survived

If you've gotten through a blow up fight or uncomfortable conversation without breaking up, you're committed to seeing each other for the foreseeable future.

You talk about the future

Planning a trip together for the first time is really exciting because it means you're in a place where you know you'll still be with each other for at least the next few months. Being invited as a plus one to an event or buying tickets to an event in the distant future counts too.

Things are starting to get pretty real if you're able to relate to these small signs.

You post couples photos on social media

Now there's a fine line between "aww, they're a cute couple" and "oh my god, would they just stop flaunting their relationship so much!" but if he posts pictures of you, then he doesn't mind other girls assuming he's taken.

You have a bedtime routine

Having designated sides of the bed, cuddle time, sleeping positions and preferred pillows are all signs that things are getting real.

You've seen each other's bad habits

Picking your nails, peeling off the dead, chapped skin on your lips or maybe even leaving the bathroom door slightly ajar when you go to the bathroom. If you feel comfortable enough to show each other your gross habits, things are pretty serious.

You no longer bother with fancy underwear

It's a lot of effort to make sure you have a matching bra and undies to wear every day. Fancy lingerie sets are saved for special date nights and he's well acquainted with your comfy undies.

You've farted/burped in front of each other

If you've let a fart rip and you're both still attracted to each other, you guys are basically already married.

You know each other's weird quirks

Like the fact that he doesn't eat green food and irons his jeans.

You'd rather stay in together than go out

Going out to a packed, loud bar with ridiculously overpriced drinks and terrible bar food? Not when you've got cuddles, wine and board games for you at home (and you don't even have to change out of your PJs!).

You're each other's lock screens on your phones

It's basically the modern day version of locket pictures: a way to keep a little reminder of your loved one with you at all times, for your eyes only but still prominently displayed for everyone else to see.


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