7 Scandalous Tinder confessions you need to read to believe

Written by Jessica Lunan

Girl on phone on Tinder

In the Tinder Dating Age, it’s easy to lose your usual dating standards and take up slightly shameful habits. Our readers have shared their sexy, saucy and shocking confessions from the notorious dating app!

The Super Liker

”It was my first time ever using Tinder and I was still unsure about the whole swipe left and right thing. Somehow I accidentally super liked this guy who was definitely not my type! Needless to say my experience was very short lived.”
- Melanie, 22, Melbourne

In for the Freebies

"I'm not actually looking for a relationship. I go on Tinder dates because it's an excuse to get dressed up and do my makeup... Plus who can resist a free dinner!”
- Sarah, 24, Chermside

Outfit Repeater

“I've found the PERFECT seriously sexy lingerie set for dates! And I found this top that matches it so well, like just the right amount of cleavage and lace peeking through... So now I just wear the same complete outfit on every tinder date I go on.”
- Julie, 26, Brisbane

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The Booty Call

“This one Saturday afternoon I went on a Tinder date and it was SO BAD but my outfit and makeup looked really good. I messaged my date arranged to meet the next day to see if he could meet up that night.”
- Lucy, 23, Sydney

Sex and The City

“He was 'dubbed' Mr. Big because I finally wanted to live out my Carrie Bradshaw fantasy. We were the perfect match on Tinder, his pictures were hot and our conversations became steamy quite quickly. He asked me out on a romantic dinner, complimented by a fancy hotel room with satin sheets, strawberries and chocolate! But this novel inspired fantasy was ruined when he confessed that he was married!”
- Ashley, 25, Toowong

Eat and Run

"Here's my #epicfail of a Tinder story - Twitter style. We met. We drank. We ate. He promised me the world. He left and left me with the $185 bill!”
- Anna, 23, South Brisbane

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not

“As a busy and successful woman I don't have time to date, so I use Tinder strictly for fun. However, I've been seeing this one guy for around a year now and I've fallen for him. I just know I'll always be his booty call.”
- Gina, 22, Annerley

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