Confession: When 'I Love You' is said too soon

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Ahh, the bliss of a new relationship. Everything is new, fun, naughty and exhilarating. It’s the honeymoon phase where you savour those precious moments together, discover new things and over-look their flaws.

Being blind-sighted by infatuation is bliss, yeah?

But what happens when he drops the ‘L’ bomb too soon? What do you do when he whispers those life-altering three words into your ear ... “I love you?”

As a spiral of intense thoughts runs through your mind, you need to make a decision. Do you say it back? Do you feel the same way? Did he just ruin everything?

Has your joy-ride ever ended quickly because you weren’t ready for the profound confession?

There’s no right or wrong answer. And nobody can tell you what to do until you are in the possibly awkward situation.

We decided that instead of trying to navigate through this tricky conversation, we’d talk to our FW readers and ask them how they handled the unexpected “L” bomb.


We were making love for the first time and in the middle of switching positions he pauses and looks me in the eye and says, ‘I love you.’ I looked at him in shock because we had only been dating for six weeks. I didn’t know what to do so I just gave him the most passionate kiss ever and we kept going. Nothing was said about it afterwards.
Taliah, 21

This guy and I dated on and off for a year but we ended things on bad terms. We ended up reconciling and started talking again. A drunken phone call later and he spilt out the I LOVE YOU words. I totally panicked and started laughing hysterically. It’s safe to say, we haven’t spoken since.
Susanna, 25

My high school sweet heart and I got together after 3 years. He said I love you first, but I felt like it didn’t count, because he text it to me.
Anna, 18

We’d been dating for a couple of months when he let the ‘L’ word. And to my horror I replied: ‘I like your personality…’ Needless to say, that relationship quickly fizzled out.
Laura, 25

We'd been hinting around it for weeks, but one night we were sitting on the couch when he turned to me, looking really nervous. He said, "I lied to you before when I said how much I liked you. I don't just like you…I love you." My heart almost burst as I told him I felt the same way - and he looked so relieved! I'll never forget it.
Hanna, 22

We said the L word a few weeks in. Later I decided we'd said it too early, because every time we had a fight he would say "But I love you" like that was going to fix it or end the fight. It was annoying!
Anonymous, 21