9 things you should never tell your man

Written by Jessica Lunan

9 sins you should never mention to your man.

9 sins you should never mention to your man.

Boyfriends, for the most part, are amazing. They’re cute (when they want to be), make you feel special and are essentially one of your best friends. Yet that doesn’t counteract the fact that, like anyone you spend a whole lot of time with, they get on your nerves.

Now, we’re not advocating keeping secrets from your significant other, but there are certain things that are best kept on the DL when your boyfs happiness is concerned.

Here are the 7 things you should never tell your partner.

1. That the guy you had a casual fling with forever ago is at the same party as you.

So, you’ve gone out for a close friends’ birthday party, and your boy has opted out on this celebration to give you girl time. So when he messages you asking how the night is going, please don’t tell him that the guy you had a few casual encounters with before your current relationship is there and making eyes at you from across the room. Your guy does not want to hear that, and while some people are into the whole jealousy thing, for the most part you won’t get the reaction your looking for.

2. That your fave contestant on The Bachelorette is so romantic and that your boy could pick up some tips.

This is pretty self-explanatory. No guy wants to hear that their wooing ways needs a little work (even if it does). There’s much more subtle ways to tell your guy that watching Netflix at home doesn’t count as a real date.


3. Those Sophia Webster shoes cost how much.

This especially counts if you two are living together and sometimes opt for 2 minute noodles over a roast. We’re all about treating yourself, but maybe don’t reveal how much your most treasured pieces in your wardrobe really cost.

4. You’d constantly stalk his ex on Facebook before things got official.

Admit it, we’re all guilty of this one! While your guy is bound to know you’re sometimes a little crazy, he doesn’t really need to know the extent you went to know everything about his past in your early days of dating.

5. That you overshare a little too much about your relationship with your BFF.

Especially when wine is involved, it can be hard not to tell your BFF everything. But we can gurantee that your man would hate it if he knew that your BFF knows exactly what he likes in the bedroom.

6. How much you dislike his best friends.

Now this one is within reason. Your guy is sure to have some amazing mates, but when there’s that one who is an obvious player and always makes annoying remarks about how your man is whipped and has changed since you two got together... yep he’s not one of your faves.

7. That you would actually prefer to do anything else than watch him play sports.

Even organise your wardrobe, which you’ve been putting off for months. As part of being in a relationship you have to support your significant other, even if you tend to daydream about Liam Hemsworth during his football matches (he doesn’t need to know about that one either).

8. During his guy’s night you obsessively check his social media to see what he’s really up to.

Look, we’re not saying you have #trustissues. Just that you have his best interests at heart.

9. How much you cried and ate a whole tub of mint choc chip ice cream when you almost broke up.

No one wants to appear clingy or too attached, especially in the early stages of a relationship. While your guy is sure to be concerned if he really knew how much your almost break up did affect you, he doesn’t need to know how much, right?


11 frustrating things men do that make us loco

Single, dating or shacked up, we’ve all been there.

Single, dating or shacked up, we’ve all been there.

As we all know, men can be awesome! Flirting, fun dates, cute texts, we love it all. But there are certain things men tend to do, whether we’re dating them or just matched on Tinder, that drive us crazy.

Says “We should go out sometime” but never locks it in

So you’re texting someone new and the flirting is on point. He says “We should go out/catch up/hang out sometime”, and you squeal privately and then respond with a cool “Sure thing, sounds great!” The banter resumes and then you forget to lock in plans. And so it goes on. When a guy hints at hanging out but never makes solid plans, it can drive a sane woman to breaking point!

Says he’ll call, but only texts you

Those of us who like to multitask (all women?) may be totally okay with squeezing in a text convo while we watch SATC reruns, but when a guy says he’ll call you and then only texts, it’s kinda annoying. A good old fashioned phone call in this day and age can be a super sweet gesture, so don’t promise if you can’t follow through!

Cancels on you last minute to go drinking with his mates

Look, we get it: every guy loves to hang with his boys. But when plans have been made, it’s just poor form to ditch us for your mates. We’d never let you skip out on plans with the guys to hang with us, so don’t do it the other way around! It makes us feel unimportant or like a time-filler in case no better offers come along.

Doesn’t want a relationship…then acts all coupley

If you’ve come to an agreement that neither of you wants a serious relationship, that’s great. But when a guy says that and then puts on the whole boyfriend act, calling you special and sweet and blah blah blah, lines can get blurred.

Flirty in person and then AWOL

You run into him on a night out. He’s tipsy and SO excited to see you. He gets super flirty and the chemistry is poppin’! Then for the next few days…radio silence. You just don’t hear from him for several days. So annoying!

Takes forever to text back

Following on from the previous one – nothing is more annoying than when a guy takes forever to text you back. Nothing, that is, except for when he finally does reply…with a “Yup.” Or “Cool.” Or, worst of all, “K”.


Another texting sin: simply texting you “Hey”. What are we supposed to reply to that? Are you bored? If you want to chat, start an actual conversation.

Single, dating or shacked up, we’ve all been there.

Asks you on a date and refuses to actually plan said date

We’ve surely all been there. He asks if you’d like to see him. You say yes, and ask what you’ll be doing together. He gives the world’s worst response: “I don’t know, whatever you want.” Guys, if you’re asking us on a date, have an idea in mind! It can be as simple as a movie date. Just don’t leave all the decision-making to us!

Has painted-on ears

You’re excitedly telling him about your girls’ trip to Melbourne next Friday, and he’s nodding along. Five minutes later you mention how keen you are for the weekend and he’s like, “What’s happening on the weekend?” *women everywhere collectively sigh*

Has no clue what a nice night out means

You suggest the two of you have a nice evening out – dinner, maybe drinks afterwards. He says sure and suggests Grill’d. Don’t get us wrong, we love a juicy burger, but when we say nice, we mean a little bit fancier than that…

You don’t know where you stand

Possibly the most annoying of them all is when you just don’t know where you stand with a guy. He might be super flirty but shies away from actually committing to a date. Or he comments on all your Insta selfies…and does the same to five other girls. Or maybe he says he only wants you, but that he isn’t ready for a relationship. Not knowing what’s going on is just the worst! It can drive any sane woman totally loco.

Words: Hanna Sloan