Bride Wars: 10 struggles only bridesmaids get

Beautiful purple bridesmaid dresses and flowers

Weddings – they're not all sunshine and roses are they?

These are the trials and tribulations bridesmaids have never been selfish enough to admit, because well... it’s not your special day - but they need to said!

Friend or fill-in: Okay, so the bride could be anyone from your best friend to some distant relative just trying to make up numbers and honestly, I don't know what's worse.

She's like your sister? Great! But be prepared to go from BFF to overworked assistant just like that. Goodbye brunch and boy talk, hello bookings and bridal showers!

Don't know her that well? Get ready for a whole lot of awkward introductions and unknown answers to bachelorette quizzes!

Disaster dress: Do you hate your dress? Or worse, THE BRIDES? It doesn't matter. You are eternally obligated as a bridesmaid to ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ over anything everything, but do you really want to let your friend look like the abominable snowman?

Melissa McCarthy throws up in Bridesmaids

Maid of Horror: We've all seen the movie; she's asked that one friend you don't really know to be MOH and it turns out - you hate her guts. We recommend yoga.. deep breaths!

The curse of the bouquet: Are you recently single? Or maybe you've just started seeing someone? Get ready to be bombarded with the ever annoying 'you're next!'s from just about every aunt in sight.

Money, money, money: Let me tell you now, being a bridesmaid isn't cheap! From mani-pedis to mimosas, the job is definitely a drain on not only your brain but your wallet too!

Bridesmaids movie quote 'help i'm poor'

Bag a bridesmaid: Oh the ever popular sport of bridesmaid hunting. Just about every single guy that has ever gone to a wedding has had one goal in sight and we have three words in mind; dream on buddy!

Free time? Forget it!: Be warned that right up until the big day, bridesmaid duties will consume basically all of your free time. You'll be at your bride's beck-and-call pretty much 24/7 so don't even think about planning that weekend away!

Dr Phil here: So you're a bridesmaid, it's all dress fittings and champagne right? Sorry to break it to you, but you are now your bride's unofficial shrink. From melt downs over seating charts to full scale tantrums over flowers...

Toast or roast: Preparing a speech for the big day is pretty much part of the job description. But now you're faced with the biggest dilemma of all - what to say.

Should you be silly or sentimental? I know we're all tempted to have a giggle at our bride's expense, but maybe run it by her before you give her grandma (or new husband) a heart attack with a wild story or two.

Bridesmaids movie quote 'i'll just say this'

D- Day: The big day is finally here! You're over the hill and now it's party time, right? Wrong. Here comes a full day of dealing with everything from last minute jitters, to sneakily saving some appetisers, to dealing with the dress while she uses the bathroom - and believe me, it's nowhere near as cute as you'd think!

Phew! Now that we've gotten that off our chests and had a wine or two, we can honestly say that for every teary late night phone call or hideous teal dress, we would do it all over again just to see that contagious grin that she just can't wipe off her face after it's all over, and the felling of knowing that smile is even 1% because of you. (We're mushy, we know!)

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

Is your fear of being alone sabotaging potential love?

Model sits by the ocean and thinks about loneliess

Do you fear not finding your ideal partner in life? Are you worrying or stressing about being on your own? Is loneliness affecting your relationship with yourself?

Conquering loneliness

Feelings of loneliness and a fear of being alone are very common saboteurs to relationship happiness. Even Jennifer Lawrence recently admitted to being lonely. A fear of being alone can lead us to adjust our behaviour subconsciously to avoid being alone.

The first step to conquering this fear is to identify if it is affecting your behaviour.

Which of these apply to you?

  • You get into any relationship to avoid being alone
  • The irrational fear of being alone has you push your current partner away and so you end up being alone – the fear becomes self-fulfilling
  • You adjust your behaviour in your current relationship to be accepted by your partner so you don’t lose them
  • You compromise what is right for you to stay in a relationship
  • You hold back from speaking your mind in case it upsets your partner and they leave
  • You stay in an unfulfilling relationship and justify staying (e.g. it is better than no relationship) to avoid being alone
  • You settle for less than you desire just to have a relationship with someone
  • You find yourself overreacting with emotion (e.g. go into a panic, feel overly emotional) when your partner requests space or to slow things down
  • You feel alone even though you are in a relationship

It’s irrational

The fear of being alone is an irrational fear. Consider this – how could you possibly be alone when there are billions of people in this world, millions in most capital cities and thousands in most towns. Think about how many people you see, how many queues you manoeuvre and how often you compete for car parking spaces when you go shopping or to the movies.

Model thinks about loneliness

All irrational fears reside in our subconscious mind and are based on our past experiences and past conditioning. Often events that have happened early on in our upbringing can stay with us as irrational fears later in life. This is because we can interpret those events in negative ways and often, we can “make a mountain out of a molehill” and exaggerate these in our mind. These fears remain with us until we address them fully. Once you address them, then it is important to refocus on what you really want.

Give yourself permission to be happy

Take some time out and be really honest with yourself about your current or desired relationship.

Ask yourself:

  • What type of relationship do I really want?
  • What type of partner would fulfil my needs best in a relationship?
  • What type of partner am I deserving and worthy of?

Once you are aware of exactly what you want in a relationship, you need to give yourself permission and start taking action towards having what you really want.

Avoid settling for second best or compromising yourself. If you want a relationship that satisfies all of your eight needs, avoid settling for one that only meets two of your needs, and telling yourself that it is better than no relationship. Never settle for less than what you really want as any time you do, you send a very disempowering message to your subconscious mind that you do not deserve to have what you really want.

Imagine the fulfilment of letting go of any fears around being alone, making a commitment to yourself and taking action to have the relationship you truly want.


Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is an author, speaker, media commentator, the founder and Performance Transformation Expert® with award-winning company, Qt. She is the creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques, holds a PhD, a BEc and has over 35 years’ business experience. She is passionate about helping people to improve their relationships and confidence. Her Amazon best-selling book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, has also been gifted to Hollywood and Australian award winners, nominees, hosts and celebrities. For more free resources on improving your relationships, please visit

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What his kissing style reveals about his bedroom ways

Female and male model kiss

Do you remember that scene in The Princess Diaries where Mia finally has a kiss that makes her leg pop? The right kiss can be a magical moment and transport you out of your body...

If you’ve been partaking in the dating scene for a while now, chances are you’ve experienced a range of kisses; from the face sucker to the tight-lipped awkward peck.

While we can’t answer the age old question, ‘can a kiss tell if he is the one?’, there is definitely one thing his kisses do reveal; his bedroom style.

Find out what his kiss reveals about his ways in the bedroom.

Rachel and Mike kiss on Suits

His kisses are... soft and teasing

He is a man who likes to take his time in the bedroom and he will make you work for it. He is in no rush to get to the finish line. His caresses will have you longing for more as he gets to know you on a deeper level.

His kisses are... a tight-lipped peck

This is a guy that won’t open up to you or show a sensual side at all. This kissing style reveals that he is not at all comfortable with intimacy, meaning there won't be any passion or excitement. 

His kisses are... forceful and he bites your lip

He’s probably not too worried about pleasing you or going at your pace. This kiss is also an indication that he will expect you to be submissive in the bedroom and he won’t be attentive to your desires.

His kisses are... like a tongue tornado in and around your mouth

If he kisses you like this, he is only after one thing and cannot wait to get you into the bedroom. The only way to describe him is like a hungry pitbull. Be warned, things could get rough...

His kisses are... either like a manic lizard tongue or a vaccuum

We've all experienced this really awkward situation! If he kisses by sucking on your face or poking his tongue in and out of your mouth like a lizard, he most likely has no clue what he is doing in the bedroom, and he won’t be open to ‘learning’.

His kisses are... slow while he caresses your face

His tender kisses says he isn’t bothered about coming across as macho, he is a sensitive guy who craves a deeper connection. He is all about making sure you are comfortable, taking things slow and expect a lot of deep talk.

His kisses are... perfectly rhythmed to match your kiss

We’ve kept the best to last, and girl you sure are lucky! His kiss says he is passionate and let's just say the bedroom situation will be.. HOT! He will take care of you and have you feeling desired and sexy as hell.

Image: Source

Words: Frances van Eeden

Mr Right is out there, but are you ready to find him?

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler from The Ugly Truth

Mr Right is out there, but you need to be ready to find him...

So you’ve tried every dating site, visited every bar within a radius of 100km and you’re over stalking every male with potential listed on your friends’ Facebook page? Having tried every tactic you can think of, all you seem to be left with is disappointment, empty pockets and a throbbing headache.

No closer to meeting the man of your dreams, you are now beginning to wonder; "Is the right man actually this hard to find?".

Having worked with more woman (and men) over the years than I can count, as a relationship coach and therapist I would have to answer with the affirmative, "the answer is yes!".

I guess my response has surprised you right? I say yes because I think that women focussed on finding a partner have lost some of their ability to stay centred, level-headed and calm throughout the dating process.

Make no mistake, dating is a challenging process and it requires what I call solid “smarts” to navigate the highs and lows, to maintain your focus and stay disciplined. Like all things in life, for some people these things come naturally and they seem to fly a smooth path to their true love while for others, it takes strategy to get across the line.

I often recommend people read Dr Stan Tatkin’s book, Wired for Dating because it is one way of helping you to build those solid smarts for dating. In his book, Dr Tatkin teaches readers how to understand the neurobiology of love and affection and he focuses on helping readers understand their particular attachment style.

Knowing your attachment style is a key tool in your dating arsenal because it helps you discover what type of man is going to complement you best. 

Below are three important and useful tips that offer encouragement that the right man is actually out there.

1. Dr Tatkin explains there is a part of the brain that plays a role in scanning the environment for safety and security at all times. It is easily alerted by faces, voices and movement that feel less than safe.

On a date the need to feel “safe” is amplified. Given your senses are heightened, it can feel like one small move that says your partner may not find you funny, attractive or a potential lover can send you into an anxious state of fight and flight.

When we move into a stress response the true ‘us’ essentially leaves the room because our brains are in survival mode.

This experience is normal when dating and being aware of it can go a long way to helping you stay more centred. 

2. Sherlock Holmes was known for his sharp use of deductive reasoning to make the most of his observations. Dr Tatkin says you too can put the information you gather from focusing on the other person to good use by applying “Sherlockian” logic.

Focusing on your partner saves you from looking self-obsessed - which can be a turn off, it also helps ease your own anxieties and therefore has a positive effect on your nervous system. Checking in with how you feel and what you observe is important.

3. Visualize a positive date. Imagine a good outcome. This will not only make you feel good but also regulate your nervous system so that you are calmer and more positive.

All of these suggestions are invaluable on the dating scene because it allows your potential mate to see the authentic you, but it also allows you to focus on seeing who they are without reading into things that may not be true.

It is the anxiety that runs out of control on dates that makes things complicated and difficult and ultimately it is this that makes us say the right man is not out there for me.

So take the time to get your smarts together and get out there knowing he is waiting!

MellissaCoach01Melissa Ferrari is a Relational Psychotherapist, Relationship Therapist and Dating Coach in Sydney. She has been a specialist in the field for over 18 years and has worked with many people to help them live more fulfilling, passionate and happy lives. She helps transform people by working with them individually in a private practice and in her one or two day workshops. Melissa works with both individuals and couples. She has a great passion in working with people who are looking for love with authenticity and mindfulness. Melissa’s curiosity, while asking way too many questions is often part of the mix that helps create change in the people she works with!


The key to happiness & success lies within your mindset

Model looks out at the ocean

Being sexy is an inside job...

It has everything to do with our thinking and how we choose to experience the world. We could be handed a blank cheque and given access to the sartorial elegance of Zimmerman, but if the story your inside head isn’t screaming “sexy” then something on the outside can’t create it for us.

Did you know that most of us are not able to articulate what makes us special and why we stand out?

Even though we all have our strengths and are in many ways uniquely special.

Why then do so many of us fail to shine?

Many of us women suffer unnecessarily from out dated thinking, which can affect our everyday lives in dramatic ways. It can separate the successful people in this world from the unsuccessful, it can mean the difference between loving someone or disliking someone and it can decide whether you are happy or disappointed with yourself.

Yes, I am saying how you think can affect EVERYTHING in your life!

Our beliefs and thoughts can wreak havoc in our relationships, mess with our emotions and affect how productive we are day-to-day.

Self conscious manequins

So where do our beliefs and thoughts come from and why are they so different to people in our lives?!

Our thoughts come from each and every experience we’ve had in our lives and it can be super challenging because we have all had different experiences growing up, we are all different in what we think and believe! This can make it challenging to communicate and understand each other effectively... especially when it comes to our hook ups and partners.

Because our thinking can help us succeed or hold us back - like believing we can achieve a goal or doubting ourselves – we should detox our beliefs and upgrade our thinking-system regularly.

Here you can check if your thinking system needs an upgrade and whether your thoughts are hurting you or helping you.

Helping you

“I know this is difficult but I will get better”

Hurting you

“I’ll be depressed forever”

Helping you

“He didn’t call me, I hope he is ok”

Hurting you

“He didn’t call me, he must not like me”

Helping you

“If I am angry, I must be thinking something to make me so”

Hurting you

“If I am angry, you must have done something to make me so”

Helping you

“She didn’t say hello to me, she must not have seen me”

Hurting you

“She didn’t say hello to me, she ignored me on purpose”

KateDownProfileKate Down is a behavioural scientist and Associate member of Australian Psychological Society, who specialises in social and emotional intelligence and rational thinking. Her passion is fuelled by the belief 'people power people' and the mission to enhance the quality of life of 1, 000, 000 people across the globe by 2020 through inspiring real conversation on real life issues. Hello Elephant is the vessel used to achieve this mission. What Hello Elephant does is empowers people to celebrate their personal power through the simple notion "instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, choose to ride it.”


10 Things that happen when you're single AF for ages

Amy Schumer is single

Being single for an extended period of time is like, well being on a rollercoaster. One moment you are on top of the world with your #idontneednoman attitude, excited about what your future holds, and before you know it you walk past a couple staring lovingly into each other’s eyes and that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach hits.

Fortunately, we live in a society where being single is okay.

It is fine to be in a relationship with yourself, to be independent and focussing on your career and happiness. But while you might not be judged simply for being single, riding solo for a lengthy period of time means you form unusual habits that people in relationships just don’t get it!

The following are 10 unusual habits that form when you have been single AF for way too long!

1. You are so used to having everything your own way when your friends in relationships say they have to run it by their significant others you are genuinely baffled. #youdoyou

Not lonely quote

2. When you have no partner to share food portions with, you form a habit of eating all the food... even when the packaging says ‘portion size: serves 3’. 

Selena Gomez eating a huge sub

This also applies to wine; one bottle of wine, one of you... do the math.

Kerri Washington says quote on drinking a whole bottle of wine

3. An influx of spare time means you take up non-traditional habits... like learning to rap every word to 90s Destiny’s Child songs.

Stanford from Sex and the City quote

4. Underwear becomes strategic dressing. Comfy undies are worn Monday to Friday and matching lacy sets are reserved for weekends and dates ONLY.

Beyonce twerking

5. Following on from #4, there’s also nothing more disappointing than going home alone after a date and your sexy lingerie didn’t see any action ... what a waste!

6. You obsess and fantasise over every attractive person you see. Like, we ONLY want to be surrounded by hot people – is that really too much to ask for?

A girl surrounded by boys

7. You sleep in unusual positions. You like to sleep in a star fish position across the entire bed and couldn’t imagine changing that without serious implications to your sleeping habits.

8. When you go without a date for a few months you tend to let yourself go... in other words, you grow your body hair for obscene amounts of time. When a promising date finally does come up, it takes a lot more work to prepare. Let’s just say the maintenance level is real!

Jennifer Lawrence says 'my body is ready'

9. They might be your ‘girls’ but it is inevitable, your friends in relationships will look down on you for your single ways. You will be chastened for the walk of shame (on a side note, we think it needs to rephrased to ‘the walk of I made him my b*tch!’).

Girl says 'walk of awesome' quote

10. ‘Treat yo self’ becomes a daily affirmation.

Words: Frances van Eeden

Ten unspoken casual sex rules every woman should know

Girl and boy kiss

Ladies, would you agree that sex is easy when it’s at either ends of the two extremes; you’re having sex in a committed relationship or you’re drunk and going home with some guy that you NEVER want to see again?

I'm convinced that as women we are emotional human beings who often find ourselves blurring the lines between love and lust.

How are we supposed to have sex with someone whose company you like but you aren’t supposed to fall for?

While a casual sex ‘non-relationship’ can mess with your mind, it is not completely impossible to stay unattached. These are the rules you have to follow to ensure his late night rambles don’t have you looking like the heart-eye emoji!

1. Honestly think about the following question; Are you emotionally ready?

To avoid getting attached you need to be in a good place with yourself mentally.

2. Don’t cuddle, the temptation will be there... but whatever you do – don’t cuddle

Women’s bodies release a chemical called oxytocin when we orgasm, this chemical actually brings a desire to be close to someone. So next time you have the urge to spoon post-sex, remember it’s science and not him that’s making you feel like this.

3. Don’t allow him to manipulate you and don’t rely on plans with your f*ckboy

He doesn’t care about any obligation to you. And if he seems like a nice guy, girl be extra careful!

Him: We should hang out Thursday.
Translation: I’m going to lead you on thinking we have plans so you sit at home all night then text you sometime after 11 am and you will come over for sex.

4. Don’t make him a priority

Keep yourself open to dating and the possibility of actually meeting someone who is worth your feelings.

5. Put a timestamp on the ‘situation’ or better yet, find a guy you know is moving away in a few months

Don’t let it go on for too long because inevitably, your feelings will get involved.

6. Don’t overthink it

Don’t overanalyse his texts, don’t read into the way he kisses you and don’t think he means one thing when he says another.

7. Setting boundaries will ensure neither of you confuse your relationship, or the lack thereof

Set rules like 'no going out on dates', 'no spending the night together' and 'no getting jealous about what he does with his time'. Now ensure you stick to them.

8. Keep your f*ckbuddy separate from your life

Don’t invite him to drinks with the girls (p.s they will NOT like him anyway) and whatever you do, do not involve family.

9. Be honest with yourself about what you are capable of handling emotionally

If at any point you find yourself falling for your f*ckbuddy, don’t let him take advantage of you – get out of there!

10. Have fun!

At the end of the day that is all this is; a bit of fun - unleash your inner sex goddess!

Words: Frances van Eeden

The signs that he has totally unleashed your inner crazy

Beyonce crying on the phone

Inside each calm, collected, hard working woman is an inner psycho just waiting for a f*ckboy to bring her out.

Now I’m not talking Gone-Girl-stage-your-own-death-with-one-messed-up-journal crazy, but when it comes to the male species, there are things us ladies do that we certainly aren’t proud of.

It’s easy to lose your #idontneedaman attitude - and let’s be honest, all common sense - when you have a man messing with your head and sending you total mixed signals.

The good thing? We’ve all been there babe!

Scenario 1: When you’re totally playing hard to get with a guy but you end up sending him 4 text messages, 6 Facebook pokes and 3 snapchats of your cat.

Crazy guy hammering

Scenario 2: When he doesn’t reply to your texts within a manner of minutes you decide, “Screw him!” and delete his number from your phone. You then continually check your phone every few minutes, just in case.

Guy checking his phone with no reply

Scenario 3: He finally replies and you over-analyse every character of that text.

“What do you think he means by this emoji?!”. You then spend the next three hours in total agony as you ‘make him wait’ to hear from you. Playing it cool... so cool.

 This is too much

Scenario 4: When he let’s you know he is ‘emotionally unavailable’, you drop all the other potential nice guys you are chatting with to pursue the one you can’t have. It's like having a slice of pepperoni pizza waved infront of your face when you are on a diet. 

Will Smith in Bad Boys

Scenario 5: You stalk his social media accounts endlessly... HOLD UP is that his sister or his ex?! Time to get investigative.

Hayley stalking guy in Modern Family

Scenario 6: You don’t hear from him for days then he texts you on a Wednesday night at 11pm to “come over for a drink”... and despite all your willpower you do just that.

Michael Scott in the office

Scenario 7: You spend hours trying to match your new lacy lingerie to an outfit that will look good on that you will also need to be able to take off in with a sexy little dance but then how will you do your hair and what about makeup because you wouldn’t want it smudge.... PHEW this is normal, right?

Choosing outfit in Clueless

Scenario 8: When you finally see him again you pretend like you’re totally chill and have not thought about him for one second.

Why yes, a casual non-committal relationship is TOTALLY what we want too (dies a little inside).

Yes that's what I want

So the final question, are we messed up?

Mindy Kaling saying 'emotionally, yes'

But men...

Katherine Heigl in the Ugly Truth

Weak ass b*tches we say...

Words: Frances van Eeden

The ultimate single girl's guide to Valentine’s Day 2016

It’s the month of love and despite what you might think, you can celebrate the Valentine's Day 2016 holiday as a single-pringle!

Girl with pink balloons for Valentines day

Forget about eating your body weight in ice-cream and wallowing on the couch, our single ladies guide to Brisbane will ensure you have a fabulous Valentine’s weekend with your closest friends.

After all, your girls are always there for you and rarely judge, unless it’s for your taste in men... Your friendship and love deserves to be celebrated!



Valentines Day food at Aria

When: Sunday 14th February, 5:30 pm - late

Where: ARIA, 1 Eagle St, Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane, 4000

What better way to spend your Valentine's Day than dining in one of Brisbane's most prestigious restaurants, sipping cocktails and eating from a sophisticated menu with your girls?

With impeccable quality of service and an abundance of food and beverage choices, ARIA is sure to impress. The Valentine's Day 2016 three-course dinning selection is catered for a sophisticated palate with dishes ranging from oysters to duck.

Book a table now, slip on your best cocktail dress, grab the girls and head to ARIA to celebrate the Valentine’s holiday style!

Price: $170.00 PP

For bookings and inquiries contact Mandi on 07 3233 2555 or email



Valentines Day Capulet

When: Saturday 13th of February, 9:30pm-late

Where: Capulet Bar, 188 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley 4006

“O Romeo, o Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo”... Unmask your hidden desires and find your Romeo at Capulet Bar this Valentine’s weekend.

Indulge in a night of mystique and charm at Capulet’s Garden of Love Masquerade Ball.

Party your way into Valentine’s Day 2016 to the sounds of DJ duo Tom & Jarry joined on the decks by Geordie Sure and Jaymak.

Ensure you are dressed to impress, as the most intriguing mask will not only win you the attention of all the Casanovas but you could also win a Private Booth with Bottle Service for the evening.

If you and a group of your single girlfriends are looking to get caught in the romance and flirt the night away, Capulet’s Garden of Love is the place to be.

For inquiries contact 0412 576 895 or email




When: Friday 12th February - Sunday 14th February

Where: Delfina’s Bistro, The Emporium, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006

Remind yourself how lucky you are to be surrounded by amazing women and why you don’t need a man in your life by sharing an intimate meal with your girls!

Embodying the value of friendship and family, Delfina’s Bistro is the perfect spot to dine with your closest friends and embrace the love.

You and your girls will be greeted with a glass of Spanish Cava on arrival and be spoiled for choice with Delfina’s indulgent Valentine’s dinner menu.

Price: $67.00 per person

For bookings and inquiries contact 07 3252 0214 or email




When: Daily, 12 noon - late

Where: The Emporium Hotel, Ground Level, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, 4006

Embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw and enjoy a tasteful cocktail, or two, at the Emporium Cocktail Bar.

Emporium’s talented mixologists have created curated Valentine’s cocktails to suit every personality.

Whether you like your drinks sweet or prefer something a bit stronger and serious - like you like your men – there is a tasty concoction no matter what your preference.



Valentines Day Prohibition

When: Sunday 14th February, 7:00 pm-late

Where: Prohibition Nightclub, 206 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley 4006

Grab your ladies, get dressed up and party like it’s the roaring 20s at Prohibition Bar this Valentine’s Day 2016 weekend.

Back by popular demand, Prohibition’s Cotton Club event pays tribute to New York’s most exclusive nightspot of the 1920s.

Be prepared for a musical and dance extravaganza - starring The Rhythm Society Dance Orchestra, The Keen Gents Collective, Legs 11 dance troupe, DJ Swingabilly and YOU!

Have you always wanted to channel your inner flapper girl? The 11 piece Dance Orchestra will be recreating the sound of prohibition-era Chicago, as performed by its most celebrated musicians.

Prepare to be transported by the electric atmosphere, divine cocktails and the sounds of hot jazz Chicago. It's time to get your dancing heels on!

General Admission Tickets: $15.00 OR Couples Tickets: $25.00 (includes a special treat on arrival)

VIP Booth Tickets: $300.00 (includes a drinks package and tickets for 6 people)

For bookings and inquiries contact 07 3852 5876 or email



Valentines Day at the Sofitel

Where: Sofitel Brisbane Central, 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane, 4000

Sofitel Brisbane offers a tasteful way to celebrate the love for Valentine’s Day 2016. Invite your closest girlfriends to share a special moment with a Premium High Tea at Privé249.

The intimate setting and luxurious French décor of Privé249 offers a refined way to spend Valentine’s afternoon.

The High Tea includes an indulgent chocolate fountain, a glass of Mumm Cordon Rouge bubbles, and an array of French patisseries and gourmet treats.

$80.00 PP, 1st seating: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, Sunday 14th of February

$80.00 PP, 2nd seating: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm, Sunday 14th of February

If you do mysteriously meet the man of your dreams before Valentine’s Day, Sofitel Brisbane will ensure you have a magnifique evening on Saturday 13 February. The ‘St Valentine Romance Package’ offers a five course degustation menu, a beautiful candlelit backdrop and live entertainment, designed for romance and luxurious seduction.

$199.00 PP, 1st seating: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm (includes post-dinner drinks in Cuvée Lounge Bar), Saturday 13th of February

$235.00 PP, 2nd seating: 8:15 pm - late (includes pre-dinner drinks in Cuvée Lounge Bar), Saturday 13th of February

For bookings and inquiries contact 07 3835 3535.

Please note: This list appears in alphabetical order and is in no way listed in numerical preference.

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Words: Frances van Eeden

7 Scandalous Tinder confessions you need to read to believe

Written by Jessica Lunan

Girl on phone on Tinder

In the Tinder Dating Age, it’s easy to lose your usual dating standards and take up slightly shameful habits. Our readers have shared their sexy, saucy and shocking confessions from the notorious dating app!

The Super Liker

”It was my first time ever using Tinder and I was still unsure about the whole swipe left and right thing. Somehow I accidentally super liked this guy who was definitely not my type! Needless to say my experience was very short lived.”
- Melanie, 22, Melbourne

In for the Freebies

"I'm not actually looking for a relationship. I go on Tinder dates because it's an excuse to get dressed up and do my makeup... Plus who can resist a free dinner!”
- Sarah, 24, Chermside

Outfit Repeater

“I've found the PERFECT seriously sexy lingerie set for dates! And I found this top that matches it so well, like just the right amount of cleavage and lace peeking through... So now I just wear the same complete outfit on every tinder date I go on.”
- Julie, 26, Brisbane

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The Booty Call

“This one Saturday afternoon I went on a Tinder date and it was SO BAD but my outfit and makeup looked really good. I messaged my date arranged to meet the next day to see if he could meet up that night.”
- Lucy, 23, Sydney

Sex and The City

“He was 'dubbed' Mr. Big because I finally wanted to live out my Carrie Bradshaw fantasy. We were the perfect match on Tinder, his pictures were hot and our conversations became steamy quite quickly. He asked me out on a romantic dinner, complimented by a fancy hotel room with satin sheets, strawberries and chocolate! But this novel inspired fantasy was ruined when he confessed that he was married!”
- Ashley, 25, Toowong

Eat and Run

"Here's my #epicfail of a Tinder story - Twitter style. We met. We drank. We ate. He promised me the world. He left and left me with the $185 bill!”
- Anna, 23, South Brisbane

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not

“As a busy and successful woman I don't have time to date, so I use Tinder strictly for fun. However, I've been seeing this one guy for around a year now and I've fallen for him. I just know I'll always be his booty call.”
- Gina, 22, Annerley

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5 thoughts every woman has when making a life altering decision

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Girl making decision

Every decision we make results in a consequence... either good or bad. The choices we make have ripple effects which could stagnate our flow or build us up for success.

If it’s a poor choice, the aftermath could be treacherous. It could lead us to a cobweb of lies, a pit of pain or the harsh reality that we fell onto the path of destruction.

The recovery state from this isn’t always as simple as putting on a Band-Aid and letting the body heal. Sometimes the result is infectious and the healing time is a journey of pushing forward regardless of the difficulty.

Though being a fighter and never giving up is the motto of today’s society, the reality of mending the heart isn't warm and fuzzy - it's usually cold and dark. What if we don’t feel strong enough to push forward? What if it’s too overwhelming and we struggle to embrace empowerment. What if we’re so far into the deep that any form of emotional freedom feels near impossible?

Often there is at least one fiercely dark moment that each individual faces. The rollercoaster ride of ups and downs is paramount in life's journey. We can’t ignore the process that pain is our teacher to growth.

But what if we didn’t need to make so many mistakes? What if it could be easier but we aren’t in tune with our real calling? Have we been ignoring our gut instincts all this time? Are we too clouded with unnecessary noise and distractions that what we want and what we need causes blurred vision?

Here are 5 thoughts every woman should consider before she makes a life altering decision.

How does it benefit me?
Is this situation making you a better person? Does it benefit your personal life, career, or family situation?

What do I really want?
How does this situation fit in with your life plan? Is it complimenting your goals or is it taking you somewhere else?

Does this impact anyone negatively?
How would the people who love you feel about this decision? Would they be supportive? Does it affect them in a positive or negative manner?

Am I people pleasing?
Ultimately, are you making this decision for yourself or for someone else?

Does this make me happy?
Is this a logical or emotional decision? In the long run will you be happy with the decision?

No one can forecast the future, but sometimes a leap of faith pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. Ultimately, your destiny is in your own hands. Try being honest with yourself about what you want.

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations." - Anonymous