Are you dating the man-child or a mature man?

When it comes to dating, here’s how you know whether he is a mature man that will treat you right versus the man-child not worth your time.

Here are 21 things that set men aside from boys, so you know just what you’re getting yourself into.

There is nothing worse than realising that you are dating what they call, a ‘man-child’. In your mid- to late-twenties you presume that most men you date will be just that - a MAN, but nope, too many times we women get into relationships with males only to realise a few months in that he is immature and not worth your time (yes this applies even when he has hit his thirties).

Here are 21 things that set men aside from boys, so you know just what you’re getting yourself into.

The man child: He lives at home or he has moved back in and out of home numerous times.
The mature man: He is either a long time renter or owns his own house.

The man child: He is yet to decide exactly what he wants to do in life and is ‘testing’ things out (i.e. he can’t hold down a job).
The mature man: He has a stable job in which he has worked his way up by now.

The man child: He makes vague plans and doesn’t always follow through.
The mature man: He makes plans in advance and sticks to them.

The man child: He hits you up late at night to come over.
The mature man: He makes an effort to come and see you!

The man child: When dropping you home after a date he doesn’t bother to walk you to your door, or even park the car.
The mature man: He walks you to your door after a date... If you invite him in, great! If you don’t, he’s mature enough to deal with that.

The man child: He loves talking about, or talking to, other women when he can see that it affects you.
The mature man: He won’t try to purposefully make you jealous or hurt your feelings just to get a reaction out of you.

The man child: He’s threatened by the men in your life, yes even your family, and always tries to compete.
The mature man: Rather than being intimidated by these figures in your life, he makes an effort to get to know them and bond because he knows it’s important to you.

The man child: He’s impulsive to the point where it can be reckless.
The mature man: He’s spontaneous but considers the consequences.

The man child: His house is littered with overdue bills and fines he hasn’t bothered to pay. He is reckless with money.
The mature man: He has his sh*t together and pays bills when they’re due.

Signs you are dating a man child

The man child: He is obsessed with Xbox or PlayStation games.
The mature man: While he might still like playing these games, he knows the importance of balance.

The man child: He is out partying every weekend and gets totally wrecked when he drinks.
The mature man: He knows how to party and have a good time but not every weekend! The mature man stays composed and knows how to handle his drinks and when to draw the line.

The man child: He likes overthrowing you and showing off how much stronger he is than you... it’s all about the power play with the man-child.
The mature man: He is strong but doesn’t feel the need to show it.

The man child: He criticises you if you haven’t shaved your legs or fake tanned in a while.
The mature man: The mature man can handle it if you aren’t “on fleek” 24/7. While he appreciates it when you make an effort, he gets that sometimes you literally CBF, just like you sort of love his overgrown stubble.

The man child: He often makes you feel inferior in conversations and treats you like your opinion is not valid.
The mature man: He might not agree with your opinion but he always listens.

The man child: Whenever he talks about his ex he always refers to her in a nasty way.
The mature man: He doesn’t dwell on the past and can accept that things happen for a reason.

The man child: He avoids uncomfortable conversations and only ever talks about random surface level topics.
The mature man: Obviously no man loves talking about his feelings. But the mature man is willing to discuss the harder issues with you when you bring it up and he knows how to connect with you on a deeper level.

The man child: He relies on other people to make all his big decisions.
The mature man: He values the opinions of others but he has the self-confidence to make his own choices.

The man child: He expects you to be his mother and do all the chores.
The mature man: He understands that relationships mean sharing the workload of cooking and cleaning.

The man child: He expects you to make all the plans when it comes to dating or else it’s just not happening.
The mature man: He plans dates and dinners, he even chooses a place to eat without nagging you about what you want.

The man child: He never takes blame for anything.
The mature man: Although it might get him down, he can accept responsibility for his actions.

The man child: He doesn’t take care of you when you need him the most.
The mature man: He isn’t put off by you being sick, or having your period or just generally feeling emotional, he is there for you when you need him.

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Words: Frances van Eeden

New breed of men: how to spot the 'fice' guy

Written by Jessica Lunan

Ladies, there's a new breed of men that we need to be aware of. Here's how to tell if the man you're dating is a 'fice' guy. 

New breed of me: the 'fice' guy

We’ve all heard, and been warned, about the 21st century f* boy. They always manage to creep into our lives regardless of how many times we swear off them, and say we need a good, nice guy. However, there is now a new breed of men: the fake nice guy- let’s call him the ‘fice’ guy for short. He’s not so much in f* boy territory, but he’s still horrible enough to not be a genuine nice guy. Here’s some signs to spot a fice guy.

He says he’s nice

Sorry to break it to you, but men who say they’re nice guys generally never are. It never crosses a genuinely nice persons mind that they’re nice, so if your man is continuously saying how kind he is, watch out.

He’s rude to the waiter

If there’s one way you can figure out a person’s true personality, it’s through assessing how they treat the people serving them. There’s nothing sexy about a guy who’s blatantly rude to the waiter. Just imagine how he’s going to treat you once you’re together.

He makes you feel guilty (and gets away with it)

While this is an obvious sign that he is in fact not a nice guy, the fice guy is an expert at manipulation. Regardless of the situation, he’ll always manage to twist an issue and make you the bad guy. And you’ll genuinely feel like you are too.

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He takes too long to reply

We get it that everyone gets busy, and sometimes we’re not the best at replying too. But there seems to be some weird scientific calculation to how fice guys communicate. They always instantly see your message, yet leave it for over an hour to reply every.single.time. He’s not busy, he just doesn’t care.

He leaves you hanging

Regardless of how much he says he likes you, there’s always something in the way of your potential relationship. He tells you he was going to take you out for dinner but had to help a friend instead (because he’s such a nice guy), yet never re-arranges? Whatever, you can do so much better.

You refuse pick sides get middle because you hate drama

He doesn’t walk you to your door

While we know girls run the world (thanks Queen Bey), we do still like a bit of chivalry. And if he stops the car but doesn't actually get out of the car when he drops you home, is he even worth it?

He bails

Genuine nice guys don’t bail on you at 7.15pm when you were getting dinner a 7.30pm, with their excuse being that they had a big night the day before. You should be more important than the party.

He moves on fast

So you were seeing each other for a few months, and then you find out that he’s instantly on Tinder as soon you go separate ways (regardless of how much he said he would never get the app). Yep, that’s a fice guy going straight into f*boy territory right there.

Spice it up: Seduce your man and make him want you

You'll be irresistible to your man with these sexy yet subtle tips!

Make him want you and seduce your man with these tips!

Ladies, sometimes you just need to take control and remind your man how lucky he is to have a vixen like you.

Being sexy is all about exuding confidence; it’s in the way you move, the way you swing your hips when you walk and the way you rock what you’re wearing.

Be sensual and own it with these tips which are sure to drive him crazy (in just the way you want it to)!

Incidentally wear something you know drives him crazy

Walk around the house in an outfit (or lack of) that you know very well turns him on, like one of his shirts with nothing underneath, but act totally innocent about it.

Flirt with your features

Flutter your lashes and make sexy eyes at him, lick your lips and exaggerate your moves.

Draw his attention

Wear a dress or cami with thin straps that have a habit of slipping down and then sensually push the strap back onto your shoulder, drawing attention to your décolletage and cleavage.

Surprise him with a new lingerie purchase

Once you’re in a relationship it's easy to get into a habit of wearing comfy undies, why not surprise your man with a new lingerie set... but don’t make a big deal out of it and let him ‘discover’ it himself.

Buy new lingerie and spice up your love life

Accentuate your best bits

Wear a white tee with a black push up bra underneath or a pair of pants that accentuate your booty and remind him of how lucky he is to be able to call all that his.

Send him a surprise text while he’s at work

Unexpectedly send him a text and remind him about ‘that time he did that thing to you’ or tell him what you’re thinking about doing to him when he gets home.

Make an effort with your locks

Wear your hair down and swish is around like the sexy goddess you are!

Rihanna sexy hair flick seducing her man

Flaunt that cleavage

Wear a low cut top and make a point of leaning over so he has a great view.

Skin on skin action

Treat your man to a scalp massage or rub his shoulders, all the touching is sure to lead somewhere.

Stimulate his senses

Spritz a perfume that will make you smell so good he can’t resist.

Now go forth ladies, and make him desire you! 

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Words: Frances van Eeden

5 Obsessive things women need to stop doing to guys

Written by

I'm not afraid to call it how it is...

5 Obsessive things women need to stop doing to guys

As women we are vulnerable yet beautiful human beings who somehow always over complicate relationships. There is no denial that we find ourselves making excuses for his shortcomings (take it how you will) and continue to complicate the realities.

BUT, what happens when we have no choice but to wake up and face the truth? The moment we decide to take a long look at ourselves and re-evaluate the desperately, clingy woman we somehow became?

Remember how only a few weeks ago you were this independent #girlboss who ran the world like your own version of Queen Bey? Then you meet this guy, your feelings kick in and somehow you quickly became this emotionally messy mush of romance. Now, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with the uncontrollable emotions of love (lust) but we need to at least experience it with a backbone.

So ladies here's 5 obsessive things we do to guys that needs to seriously stop.

Obsessing about when he is going to call, DM, text or Snapchat you.
The waiting game is the hardest. Is he going to call? When is he going to text? Ahh, he opened your Snapchat but never responded!

Does this sound familiar? We have all fallen victim to being impatient but we can't let this run our lives. Try and keep your wits about you and continue with life - if he wants you, you'll hear from him.

Obsessing about 'your' status.
Are we officially dating yet or is this a casual fling? Does this relationship have potential and is it going anywhere? Warning: Those questions will do your head in. Don't try and figure it out on your own. Why not sit down with him and have a light-hearted (or serious) discussion about what 'this' really is? And if he can't handle it and hold a mature conversation around the topic, then there's your answer.

Obsessing over every detail of your last conversation.
Stop dissecting each word he said and inventing a new meaning behind every sentence. Quit thinking that his mannerisms are implying something else. Remember, guys are simple and usually what they mean - they mean.

Obsessively stalking every single friend, family member, mutual connection and ex-girlfriend he has on social media.
Yes, hunny .... put down the phone. It's time to practice self-control. Say no to those highly addictive late night scrolls on his Facebook feed. It's only going to mess with your head and get you hypothetically stressed out.

Obsessing about why he didn't commit.
You would think this would be the deal breaker but our mind chooses to convince us otherwise. Believe it or not, but we're addicted to the chase and we always want what we can't have. It's where the heartbreak, longing and desperation starts to swallow us up. But the goal is to stop yourself. I know it's scary to face the truth of being alone, but your moment with him was short lived. It's time to close the door, move on in your own way and start to focus on repairing the beautiful woman that you are.

Of course every relationship is different, but sometimes we obsess a little too much. Next time things become an emotional whirlwind of chaos - take a deep breath, stand up straight and remember that ultimately you are in control.

22 Thoughts all women have while giving him a “hand”

There’s a million and one things that run through a woman’s mind while giving him the uh... tug of love. Despite being in our twenties we’re all still giving them and you know it!

Thoughts all women have while giving him a “hand”

1. Is this grip okay... Maybe I should be firmer but OMG am I going to choke it?!

2. We really should have used lube... How can this not be feeling like carpet burn?

3. Geez there is so much skin and HOW is it so soft, do you secretly moisturise?

4. Should I say something? Maybe I should moan a little.

5. I really need to get back into Pilates my balancing abilities are horrendous!

6. Ohhh pins and needles!

Getting pins and needs is something all women have while giving him a “hand”

7. I’d much prefer moving onto other things now, come on we’re not 18.

8. I wonder what he’s thinking.

9. Eye contact vs. no eye contact: should I look at him or look at it?

10. OK I’ll look at him.

11. Nah this is creepy, I’ll just keep my head down.

12. Guess I should look a little more enthusiastic.

13. AH cramp, cr*p! Time to switch hands!

14. Keep up the momentum, you can do it! Cheers self on*

15. Should I be like... fondling his bits? I really have no idea what to do with them.

Thoughts all women have while giving him a hand

16. Like seriously is this really going to be the ‘main event’?

17. Okay so we’re making this a buddy thing now? Putting your hand over mine basically means you could be doing this yourself you know.

18. Is this consistent rhythm even doing anything?

19. Oh okay clearly it is. Must be why they think the same is okay for us, right?

20. Where’s the tissue, WHERE ARE THE DAMN TI-

21. Never mind, it’s everywhere. You’re sleeping on that side of the bed bud.

22. My turn!

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7 Deadly relationship sins & how to avoid them

Avoid these seven deadly relationship sins and have the harmonious and loving relationship you desire.

Avoid these seven deadly relationship sins and have the harmonious and loving relationship you desire.

Do you wish you could avoid arguments in your relationship? Below, you will discover the seven common ways to ring the death knell to any relationship, and how to avoid it.

Sin: Pride

Does your pride prevent you from acknowledging your partner and their success? Are you overly consumed by your own importance and neglect your partner? Do you refuse to admit when you are in the wrong? Or do you refuse to seek help when you need it?

You need to learn to let go of the ego and embrace humility. Start to acknowledge and appreciate the little things your partner does. Be prepared to concede when you are in the wrong. Swallow your pride and ask for help occasionally.

Sin: Wrath

Have your past relationships left you feeling angry, bitter and vengeful? Do you over react to your partner with anger or rage?

Holding onto these past emotions will only lead to arguments and conflict in your current and future relationships. Instead, let go of your anger, bitterness and revenge around wanting to get back at others for what they did or did not do.

Sin: Lust

Do you excessively think about or physically desire someone else while you are in a relationship? Have you been cheating on your partner with your thoughts, emotions or behaviours?

If you are sending out mixed messages to your partner they will pick up your indecisiveness, which can lead to arguments. To stop the mixed messages, you need to fully commit to your partner, strengthen your attraction towards them, and eliminate the inappropriate attraction you feel for anyone else.

Sin: Gluttony

Do you strive to keep up appearances and overextend yourself financially? Are you too needy towards your partner?

This can especially be an issue in relationships where one partner was brought up to believe “waste not want not”, while the other did not value things as much as they were growing up.

Reach some agreements around finances and priorities that accommodate both partners’ needs, and then respect these. If you are too needy or desperate for love and attention, address these otherwise you may push your partner away with your needy behaviour.

Sin: Sloth

Are you or your partner not using your talents fully? Is your partner’s “laziness” annoying or frustrating you?

When one partner is driven to pursue their passion and uses their talents fully and the other partner is not, it can lead to frustration for both partners.

Open and honest communication about each partner’s goals, values and priorities is important. If your and your partner’s goals and values are different, then you can respect and work with the differences to make the relationship work.

Sin: Envy

Are you envious of your partner’s success and happiness? Do you resent your partner’s lifestyle?

Often what we envy in our partner is what we lack in ourselves, hence why we desire it.

Do you believe that you are deserving or worthy of having success and what you want? Are you resentful of yourself for not doing the things you want to do? Let go of these beliefs, and learn to celebrate your own and your partner’s successes.

Sin: Greed

Does greed prevent you from sharing your time and success with your partner? Are you selfishly monopolising your partner’s time and affection without reciprocating it?

Sit down and discuss your values, priorities and beliefs with your partner. Notice the common ground and any differences. Then agree on how you will effectively work with the differences.

By implementing the above, you will be able to avoid these seven deadly relationship sins and have the harmonious and loving relationship you desire.


Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is an author, speaker, media commentator, the founder and Performance Transformation Expert® with award-winning company, Qt. She is the creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques, holds a PhD, a BEc and has over 35 years’ business experience. She is passionate about helping people to improve their relationships and confidence. Her Amazon best-selling book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, has also been gifted to Hollywood and Australian award winners, nominees, hosts and celebrities. For more free resources on improving your relationships, please visit

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12 Signs he is the toxic guy you should never date

The warning signs that he is toxic to your happiness. Here's the guy you should never date.

Sings he is a toxic guy you shouldn't date

The @ssh*le you should never date: When you first meet this guy you are instantly intrigued by his effortless charm and ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ attitude towards life.

While he might seem like a refreshing addition to your boring, filled-with-dud’s dating life, he is not the guy you should be starting a relationship with.

We're like that friend that only wants the best for you, so we have put together a list of values that you definitely do not want in a partner. If he ticks any of the below boxes it might be time to rethink your dating life. 

He never offers to pay for anything

Whether he conveniently forgets his wallet when you’re out for lunch or always insists on making you pay ‘your half’, you don’t want to be dating the guy that is hung up on money. Or worse, the scrub... If he lives at home, doesn’t have a car and talks a big game but has zero game in the cash department – RUN.

He always brings up the other girls he has been with

There is a time and place to bring up your previous relationships, but if he is always talking about the many other girls he has been with, he probably isn't taking you very seriously.

Signs he is the guy you shouldn't date

He doesn't have respect for the important women in his life

Look at the way he treats his mother, sisters and other women in his life. If he has no respect for them it is a clear indicator on the way he will eventually treat you.

He can’t seem to hold down a job

To be fair we all have unfortunate events in life but if he can’t seem to hold down any sort of stable job that is a serious warning sign.

He never makes time for you but expects you to drop everything for him

It’s simple – if he likes you, he will carve out time for you. And no, this ‘time’ shouldn’t just be for the late night booty calls. If he is truly interested in you he will make time for couple activities in public.

He leaves you hanging

So he promises to call but never does? He says he will take you out only to bail because of some lame ass excuse? You might be too strung up on him and convince yourself that he has a valid reason but honey, you deserve better!

Lauren on The Hills knows when he is a guy you shouldn't date

He's doesn't know how to clean

Don’t pretend you don’t like to peek around when you’re at his place. If his room, his laundry and his bathroom is always dirty, that's a clear indicator on the grub he will be when you live together... and you don’t have time to clean up after a man right!

It's all about him and his life

At first, it’s great when a guy opens up to you about his life, his friends and his family. But when it becomes only about him and he never asks or is interested in your life, ladies I’m sorry but he simply does not care.

He is quick to lose his temper

Whether it’s with you or the waiter at your dinner-date, if he loses his temper quickly, or disrespects people in general, it really does not reflect well on his morals.

If he takes his frustrations out on you it is a sign he is the toxic guy you shouldn't date

He is constantly criticising you

If he acts like he is in any way superior to you, get out of there as quickly as you can! You want someone who adds value to your life not brings out your insecurities.

He has lied to you on more than one occasion

There is no such thing as a little white lie when it comes to relationships.

He gets seriously messed up whenever he goes out

We are all entitled to having a good time, but you don’t want to be with someone who gets sloppy-drunk and can't control himself every weekend.

The dating game can be tedious, but don't forget to put yourself first ladies. You deserve someone who realises how damn lucky he is to have you!

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Words: Frances van Eeden

Let's get candid: The sexiest gym exercises we love

The workouts that are sure to get you hot and sweaty, but not in the way you'd expect.

Joe Manganiello doing sexy gym exercise that woman love

The gym is a pretty amazing place. It's a space where you can whip your body into shape, but it's also the perfect viewing spot for some seriously sexy action.

Don't worry, you're not alone. Many of us find ourselves distracted by the eye candy on offer, but instead of shyly darting our eyes away, we've put together the ultimate collection of the five hottest exercises that never fail to get us hot and heavy.

1. Chin ups

Is there anything more attractive than seeing a man hurl his muscular body off the ground? We don't think so! This super manly exercise is a sure-fire hit with us ladies and never fails to have us basking in their oh so manly glory.


A photo posted by Steve Cook (@stevecook) on

2. Bicep curls

Bicep curls, the timeless lady killer. A little flex of this muscle can have us feeling feverish and faint in a flash.

3. Bench press

We all love a bit of horizontal action, so what could be better than a sweaty guy lying down and pushing something heavy off his chest? Absolutely nothing in our books.


A video posted by Rob Evans (@robjamesevans) on

4. Ab exercises

You can never go wrong when it comes to showing off those rock hard abs. Opposite arm to leg, with a medicine ball, with your legs up, doesn't bother us! Just keep crunching, boys.


A photo posted by Noah Douglas Neiman (@noahdneiman) on

5. Push ups

An oldie but a goodie, this classic workout is easy on the eyes in every way imaginable. There is something incredibly sexy about the push up and guys – we could watch you do it all day long.

Ahem, eyes up girls, there's still a few more hours left in the work day. No plans after work? Why not head to the gym and bask in the beauty of these ridiculously attractive exercises? Who knows, you might just be inspired.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

9 Things men wish women would stop doing in bed

EXPLICIT: Let’s discuss those things men can’t stand women doing in bed, for your pleasure and his.

Things women do in bed under the sheets that men hate

We’ve had a look at the things that women wish guys would stop doing in bed, but now it’s time to focus the magnifying glass on the ladies.

Here we have uncovered exactly what drives men crazy in bed (and not in the way you want)!

1. You leave it all up to him

If he is a decent guy of course he will want to please you, but men don’t appreciate the pressure of being 100% responsible for your pleasure. Don’t be afraid to lend a hand... if you get what we mean.

2. You refuse to try new things

Who cares if it’s an awkward angle or you MIGHT not look your sexiest, those unexpected noises are all a part of it so don’t be afraid to try new things with your man... and if it all goes array, just laugh it off.

3. You nickname his manhood

It goes without saying that this is emasculating.

Things women do in bed that men date

5. You’re too quiet

Please don't lay there like a piece of wood... You don't need to get all porno-like on him (or do, if that’s your thing), just moan a little so he knows you are still alive. But for your pleasure and his we totally recommend getting more involved. 

6. You care too much about what you look like

Ladies, he’s far too busy enjoying the moment to focus on your jiggling bits and here you are, stressing out if he can see the one little bit of hair you forgot to get rid of!

7. You examine his man-business like you’re looking at an alienated object

Yes, we know it’s not the most sightly part of his body but just embrace it and please... don’t pull a face.

Things women do in bed that men date

8. You don’t have a firm grip

With your hands or lips... if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Show him some love and put in the effort!

9. You ignore his balls...

We don’t think this one requires too much of an explanation.

Of course what you like in bed is all about personal preferance so we totally encourage being open and communicating about your (and his) bedroom ways. 

Words: Frances van Eeden

What his sleepwear predicts about your relationship

From superhero sets to skin on skin, find out what his bedroom attire predicts about your potential relationship.

Couple laughing in bed ryan gosling emma stone

The first time you spend the night at his place can be a daunting experience for a whole lot of reasons. Besides prepping for the obvious action between the sheets, you have to plan ahead. Should you bring a toothbrush, your straightener... pajamas?

As woman, there is a fine line between what is acceptable and being over prepared to the point where you WILL freak him out. But what about the boys? Here's how to dissect what he wears to bed and figure out exactly what it means about him. 


Oh dear... If you ask us, going commando early on is definitely a major red flag. His obvious arrogance (and pride in his manhood) is a sure sign that these sort of escapades aren't a rare occurrence, no matter how many times he tells you 'you're the only girl I'm talking to'.

Our advice? Grab your heels and call it a night. You deserve a guy who treats you like a lady, or at least throws some undies on!

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Superhero set

One word: run. This is a guy with some serious mummy issues that you do not want to be a part of. Spare yourself the tears (on his end) and get out early. Clothes say a lot about a person, so expect this immaturity to extend a lot further than a pair of pjs. No matter how cute his spider man shorts are, do you really want to date a 5 year old?

Boxer shorts

He throws on a nice pair of boxers? No complaints on our end! It's the happy medium. He's a guy that gets you. He's comfortable enough to lounge around in his intimates, but without leaving you to make awkward eye contact with his little friend all night long.

Not to mention it's perfect for snuggling; cuddly skin contact on top, and no nasty midnight surprises down below!


An odd choice to say the least. We're not sure how to describe this guy! We assume he's quirky and a little bit cheeky, but unless you live in Antarctica, is this really necessary? Especially early on in your relationship, this is a very weird (and a little presumptuous) thing to bring to a sexy sleepover.

Our verdict: he's a bit too quirky for our liking, but if you're digging the full body zipper, don't let us stop you!

Bikini briefs

We're not sure how to feel about this... Do they even make these in adult sizes? It's a bit too much information if you ask us. If you're not 8, or 80, it might be time to grab yourself a pair of proper briefs. He's obviously a bit clueless, but he seems harmless to us. We suggest dropping a few subtle hints about your underwear preferences and pray he catches on!

So there you have it. Now you know exactly what to think next time he jumps into bed. Don't believe us? We warned you!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

9 Things women wish guys would stop doing in bed

The 'under the covers' things women don't always discuss but wish men would stop doing!

Things guys do in bed that woman hate

Ladies, we have all been in a situation where we’ve been in bed with someone and they do something so cringe-worthy... again and again!

The following are 9 things women are SO OVER seeing, hearing and experiencing in bed. It’s time men get their s *t together!

1. He’s unprepared

He knows bedroom actions is on the cards but when it comes to it, he doesn’t have lube and condoms handy – really?!

2. Then he whinges for a full few minutes about having to use a condom

... Even though he is fully aware of what could happen if you don't.

3. He treats going down on you as foreplay for sex

Why do some men only ever treat this as foreplay... but not as the main event?

Selfish things guys do in bed that need to stop

4. Or he ignores foreplay all together

Foreplay isn’t something ‘romantic’ that only happens in movies, it is essential for women!

5. He constantly wants your approval

While it’s wise to ask before doing anything overly kinky, constantly asking whether “this is okay” is NOT OKAY!

6. He ‘kneads’ and jiggles your boobs

Yes, some women find boob-action erotic but you need to refine your skills not just mush them!

Women hate it when men make them leave right after being in bed together

7. He assumes you’ve finished because he has

Some men don't seem to understand that it takes more to satisfy you than just the act of sex itself.

8. He can’t disconnect

If he touches his phone immediately after or during (cringe) your bedroom action it’s time to drop his ass!

9. After sex he treats bodily fluids like it's a plague

You haven’t even caught your breath and he can't wait to have a shower or strip his sheets.

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Words: Frances van Eeden

9 ways that the modern day woman can make a move

The ways that the modern day woman can make the first move and keep her dignity in the process.

Ways woman can make a move when they see a sexy guy at a bar

So there's a cute guy on the horizon, but nothing is happening and it's driving you mad...

In 2016, it is widely accepted that a woman can most definitely make the first move. However, none of us wants to come across as 'the crazy one'. There is a fine line between coming across as confident or clingy when it comes to kicking things off with a new guy.

For example: Suggesting an afternoon coffee? Great. Inviting him to your grandma's birthday dinner? Way too keen.

To curb this confusion, we've complied a list of ways to get things moving that will help you keep him right where you want him.

Physical contact

Hey now, no funny business here! By 'physical contact' we certainly don't mean jumping straight into bed. If you ask us, all it takes is a few innocent brushes of skin on skin contact to get your point across. Whether it's a brush of the bicep as you laugh at his joke, or a lingering hand on the shoulder when you thank him for the coffee, this super simple technique will show him exactly where your intentions lie.

Working the room

Embrace your inner social butterfly and give him a taste of that irresistible personality. It doesn't matter if you're at a bar on a Friday night or just in the break room at lunch, be your happy, bubbly self and get talking. We promise you'll have him inching towards you in seconds.

Taking an interest

He's crazy about football? Take an interest. We're not suggesting that you pretend to be a die hard fan, but why not switch the game on tonight and check it out? You'll have a perfect conversation starter and he'll love that you've got yet another attractive string to your bow.

Eye contact

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul (or the nipples of the face, depending who you ask), so what better way to hint at where your heart lies than by a subtle stare or two. Now please don't go staring at this poor guy, we don't want to scare him off. Instead, channel your best Tyra Banks impersonation, smile with your eyes and watch him turn to putty right before your very eyes.

Sexy girl makes eye contact to get the guy

Shout him a drink

Running into the guy you're crushing on can be a daunting experience, but don't fret, why not buy him a shot (or a latte, depending where you are) and subtly but surely show him you're keen to hang out.

Stay up to date

Be sure to keep up with the latest movies, restaurants and events in your area. Slip them into conversation and you might just score and invite to check one out together.

Compliment him

Tell him how great that blue shirt looks with his eyes, or how that new hair cut that does wonders for his face. Who doesn't love a little ego boost? He's sure to be flattered by the attention, and if he doesn't pick up that your interested, I'm not sure what more you can do!

Be upfront

Make sure he know that you are currently unattached. You never know, he might have seen you with your room mate and jumped to conclusions, so be sure to subtly set the record straight.

Dress to impress

Ditch the daggy jeans and dust off your cutest outfits and show him what he's missing. He'll never be able to resist your favourite LBD and heels and hopefully, he'll know it's all just for him.

There you have it, the perfect ways to take matters into your own hands and get things moving. Go out there and get what you want!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis