New breed of men: how to spot the 'fice' guy

Written by Jessica Lunan

Ladies, there's a new breed of men that we need to be aware of. Here's how to tell if the man you're dating is a 'fice' guy. 

New breed of me: the 'fice' guy

We’ve all heard, and been warned, about the 21st century f* boy. They always manage to creep into our lives regardless of how many times we swear off them, and say we need a good, nice guy. However, there is now a new breed of men: the fake nice guy- let’s call him the ‘fice’ guy for short. He’s not so much in f* boy territory, but he’s still horrible enough to not be a genuine nice guy. Here’s some signs to spot a fice guy.

He says he’s nice

Sorry to break it to you, but men who say they’re nice guys generally never are. It never crosses a genuinely nice persons mind that they’re nice, so if your man is continuously saying how kind he is, watch out.

He’s rude to the waiter

If there’s one way you can figure out a person’s true personality, it’s through assessing how they treat the people serving them. There’s nothing sexy about a guy who’s blatantly rude to the waiter. Just imagine how he’s going to treat you once you’re together.

He makes you feel guilty (and gets away with it)

While this is an obvious sign that he is in fact not a nice guy, the fice guy is an expert at manipulation. Regardless of the situation, he’ll always manage to twist an issue and make you the bad guy. And you’ll genuinely feel like you are too.

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He takes too long to reply

We get it that everyone gets busy, and sometimes we’re not the best at replying too. But there seems to be some weird scientific calculation to how fice guys communicate. They always instantly see your message, yet leave it for over an hour to reply every.single.time. He’s not busy, he just doesn’t care.

He leaves you hanging

Regardless of how much he says he likes you, there’s always something in the way of your potential relationship. He tells you he was going to take you out for dinner but had to help a friend instead (because he’s such a nice guy), yet never re-arranges? Whatever, you can do so much better.

You refuse pick sides get middle because you hate drama

He doesn’t walk you to your door

While we know girls run the world (thanks Queen Bey), we do still like a bit of chivalry. And if he stops the car but doesn't actually get out of the car when he drops you home, is he even worth it?

He bails

Genuine nice guys don’t bail on you at 7.15pm when you were getting dinner a 7.30pm, with their excuse being that they had a big night the day before. You should be more important than the party.

He moves on fast

So you were seeing each other for a few months, and then you find out that he’s instantly on Tinder as soon you go separate ways (regardless of how much he said he would never get the app). Yep, that’s a fice guy going straight into f*boy territory right there.