Men decoded: why do guys send nudes?

Uh... thanks?


One of the most baffling questions we ask ourselves is why do men feel the need to send nude pics? Especially the unsolicited ones?

After asking some male friends and a little internet research (not recommended), we’ve been able to come up with some answers.

They think it’s hot

The most common answer I found was that guys think it’s hot. In their minds they love receiving your sexy photos so why wouldn’t you want a sneaky view in return? They also like the thrill of receiving positive responses from you.


They like their bodies and want to show it off

These are usually the guys who spend plenty of time in the gym. The ones you see on Instagram and Tinder with their shirts off and flexing muscles.

They get bored

The conversation starts to get lacking and they think that a nude pic will restart that flame. Or they just want a reaction- either way silence on your end is not what they are after.

They see it as a numbers game

The guys who send nude pics sometimes see it as a numbers game, send enough pics and eventually someone is likely to return the favour. Apparently it’s a not so subtle way to ask for some photos in return. Really guys?

So apparently the reasoning behind these photos aren’t intentionally meant to make women cringe, but they aren’t super considerate either. This one though tops them all.

It cuts to the chase

This was an actual quote from a guy. He says that when he starts talking to a girl he will send a photo to make himself clear- he’s after one thing only. In his opinion, if you’re on Tinder, or any dating app, exchanging picture messages should be expected.


Well then... Men are, clearly, very visual creatures and love receiving nude photos but you need to ask before sending any sort of picture. We don’t appreciate the crude photos while at any time of the day. Unless it’s asked for- just don’t.

Nude photos are never going to become the new selfie!

Words: Jade Byers-Pointer