If a guy has these on his Tinder bio, swipe left

Tons of photos with a girl who is clearly his girlfriend? Byeeee!

He advises you to "be interesting" or "be funny" in his bio

Peppering your bio with expectations of the women who are viewing your profile is downright rude and quite frankly, insulting. I can't figure out why this guy thinks that instructing women how they should act will somehow pique their interest? #SWOON

He's incapable of smiling

He's either uncomfortable with his masculinity, trying way too hard to show off his sensitive side or suffering from an unearned sense of superiority. Either way, a date with him will be about as much fun as a trip to the dentist.

Dead fish pictures

Dudes, WTF is up with all the fish pictures? Maybe you're into fishing and are simply demonstrating your hobbies, but whatever the motivation, they have to go. Holding up a big dead fish does absolutely nothing for most all women.

Gym/mirror selfies

I can tell that you work out without you having to post shirtless gym selfies. Probably because you wrote "fitness" or "gym junkie" in your bio. Also, if you take more selfies than I do, it's an instant no.

Group photos


Empty bio

If they aren't willing to put in a bit of effort to show more about themselves other than pictures, finding people with common interests and values probably isn't their priority. You know what is? SEX.

Their Snapchat/Instagram handles

Because they're probably more interested in gaining followers than they are in establishing meaningful connections.

Wearing sunglasses in all their pics

Because what are you hiding?

"I hate writing these things"

Part of being an adult is doing things you don't want to do. This is one of those times! The entire point of having an "About Me" section in a dating app is to get beyond the mere superficial. Write something. Anything. Please.

"ENTP", "ISFJ", or any other result from the Myer Briggs Personality Test

Because this doesn't really tell me anything about you.

He describes himself in emojis instead of using full sentences

Oh yes, that flexed bicep and clinking beer glasses really define you, huh? Hold out for a bio that's clever, creative and intriguing (or at least one that uses full sentences).

Multiple pictures of girls in your arms

If you're already drowning in so much female attention, why the hell are you on here? Despite your claims that "they're not my girlfriends", swiping right to you would be the equivalent of swiping right to a positive Chlamydia result.

Club photos

This just gives us the impression that you're a bros before hoes f*ckboy. No thanks.

"Adventure, sports, music, travel, movies"

Let me guess, you also enjoy "food" and "fun"?


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