The simple things that makes you sexy to him

The simple, sexy things that are guaranteed to have him drooling.

The simple, sexy things that are guaranteed to have him drooling.

Sometimes, we forget that sex appeal can truly have nothing to do with sex. As confusing as this might sound, we've discovered that to guys, the simplest, seemingly insignifcant things are sometimes the sexiest. From the way you pull back your pony to your choice in body wash, here's exactly how to drive him crazy without really doing a thing.

Your hair

Boys just can't resist that bed head look. Whether it's a preppy pony or waterfall waves, keep it loose and toussled and you'll be ruffling more than a few locks of hair.

Top tip: a little flick never hurt anybody!

Your lips

The lips, an obvious point of attraction. Believe us, liner and gloss can make all the difference. Opt for nudes and pinks, and perfect that pout to have your lips looking as kissable as ever.

Your scent

We're not just talking perfume. Of course, a sexy signature scent is important, but there's more than one way entice a nose. As strange as it sounds, your shampoo, bodywash, body lotion and deodorant can make all the difference. That hint of coconut in your bubble bath? He likes it more than you'd think!

Your underwear

Lingerie aside, underwear can still be a sneaky yet effective seduction tool. It's as simple as a glimpse of a bralette under a low cut top, or even a black bra under a white button up. That sneak peak will have him dying to see the main event!

Your laugh

There's nothing sexier than a smile, except maybe a laugh. The way you giggle can drive him mad. Just maybe avoid the snorting if possible.

Your walk

When they say 'strut your stuff', they really mean it. No guy can resist a girl who's not afraid to flaunt it. So, next time you walk by a bunch of boys, slow down and strut it -let them enjoy the view!

Your eyes

Eye contact is the sexiest form of communication, if you ask us. A bat of your lashes or a wink of your lid can do wonders.

So, there you have it. You can be sexy as hell without even lifting a finger. Who knew flirting was so easy?

Words: Sophie Catsoulis