How to tell he only wants sex and nothing more

Is he really that into you, or just your body?

Is he really that into you, or just your body?

He’s hot, funny, smart and seems like the perfect date. You want to get to take things to a deeper level but how can you tell if he wants you or if he just wants you out of your clothes?

He only notices your looks

While it is nice for someone to think you look great, it’s even better when he can also appreciate what’s inside your head as well. Guys who are actually interested in you will compliment you on everything from your manicured nails to your intelligence.

He doesn’t want to ‘date’ you

Dates are for men who want relationships, not for people like him. At the most you might get invited to watch a movie or listen to music- at his house, in his room, with a bed very close by. If you decide you actually want to watch the movie he will suddenly be super tired and will ask you to leave.

He only ever sends you sexual messages asking you to come over

All contact with him has a way of turning sexual quickly. You can tell a lot about a person by his communication skills. The men who are only interested in sex will have a way of turning even the most innocent conversation into something flirty and sexual.

He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends or family

If he really wanted to make you a part of his life he would definitely introduce you to his friends. By not introducing you, he can easily move on without questions from anyone on his end.

He’s shady AF when it comes to details about his life

The same with meeting his friends and family, the less information he gives you the easier it is for him to play the phantom. When you know almost nothing about him, he can disappear into the night like the ghost he is.

He doesn’t know anything about you

Again- the same logic applies here. The less he asks about you, the less he has to deal with the messiness that comes along with relationships.

If no strings attached is what you want from the guy you’re seeing- great- you’ve found yourself the perfect man. But remember that you are worth more than a booty call or a late night quickie. You deserve a man willing to deal with morning after and messiness.

Words: Jade Byers-Pointer