How to survive a hot summer fling and prevent a broken heart


Romantic flings are one of the best parts of a summer holiday, except for one small detail... they come with an expiration date. For some, that is what makes it so enticing! A summer fling is a time for adventure with no ties attached.

To spare you the heartbreak this summer, we have collated a guide of dos and don’ts for a fun fling!

DO wear sexy lingerie

This is your time to be as wild as you want! Remember your fling doesn’t know the real you, so you can be whoever you want.

DON’T expect anything

A summer fling is just that ... a fling, something you can get rid of as soon as it gets boring. Keep it light and don’t expect anything emotionally from your fling.

DO rock your curves and embrace summer trends

Don’t be afraid to show some skin! Own your summer body on the beach or poolside in a bikini or sexy one piece. Just because this is not a guy you are getting serious with does not mean you can’t still dress to impress. The hottest fashion trend you have to wear this summer is the effortlessly cool slip dress. Pair your slip dress with stylish flats and oversized sunglasses for the day or dress it up with strappy heels and statement earrings for the evening.


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DON’T get attached

Whatever you do, DO NOT feel 'the feels’! No matter how cute he is, remind yourself that there is little chance of a future with your summer fling.

DO play with the bad boys

Experiment with your taste in men because hey, you won’t be dating him for long!

DON’T be afraid to call it quits

If your summer fling sizzles out, just call it quits.

DO get off social media

The ‘it didn’t really happen if it wasn’t on Instagram’ rule does not apply to a summer fling. Live in the moment and forget about your social media accounts. Plus, no social media evidence will make it so much easier to get over your fling post-summer.

Words: Frances van Eeden