How to get the guy for more than 1 night

Less awks, more adorbs.

So, you finally met up with the hottie you swiped right for, and had an amazing date that led to a grown-up sleepover. Sure, sometimes in the light of day you decide he isn’t Mr Right, or maybe you aren’t really on the hunt for that right now. It’s all about what you want, queen! But if you are catching feelings, we have some advice on how to turn one night into one true love!

First up, try not to be too awkward in the morning. Maybe you’ve never been in this situation before, or you’re just not sure how to communicate that you don’t want to leave it there. Here’s the trick: act natural and comfortable, and he will follow suit. If you want to start a relationship with this guy, chances are you’re feeling comfortable around him already. So don’t get nervous! Be your fun self like last night. It’s especially important to not act like you’re embarrassed or ashamed. That will tell him that you have some sort of regrets, which will make him feel hurt and unwanted. It happened, and you’re adults. You can go forward together (if that’s what you both want).


Secondly, don’t hang around too long. We know, we know – playing hard to get is a little clichéd. But you’ve just spent all night with each other, and some space will allow you to maintain your independence. Don’t appear to be rushing out the door either, though. Simply say something like, “I wish I didn’t have that meeting to get to! I’m so comfy here.” And snuggle up. You’re showing that you’re enjoying being with him, but that you’re not going to hang around and become the person he has to get rid of.

Once you’ve made your exit, go about your day like the #girlboss you are. Then, send him a text later. Tailor it to him specifically (e.g. “I hope your pitch was a hit!” is more personal than “How was your day?”) so he knows you paid him attention. Then add that you’d love to see him again soon, and suggest a cool new bar you’d love to check out together.

Showing genuine interest and taking initiative is the best way to go forward and turn your night together into something more. Show him how fabulous you are and he’ll be hooked!

Words: Hannah Sloan