The 6 awkward stages of dating that everyone gets

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Yup, we’ve all been here.

The flirtation

Those first few good dates are filled with excitement, nervousness and giggling. Flirting seems natural and effortless. A cheeky grin, an innuendo, a touch on the knee, those mannerisms are all in the build up to the first kiss. Flirtation is the fun part where both parties are attracted to each other and are slowly navigating your way through the connection of more than just friends.

The butterflies

Those feelings in the pit of your stomach as you walk to the restaurant where you know he is meeting you. When you tummy is turning, palms are sweating and you’re trying your very best to keep it together and not let nerves take centre stage. Hold on to those butterflies because that’s what makes dating so thrilling.

The daydreaming

You know what it’s like when you’ve been dating for a little while and he seems like Mr. Perfect. You catch yourself blankly starring off into the distance as you reminisce about the good times together. He’s smile, the way he put his hands around your waist or the slow goodbye kisses you both had on the last date. Or you know you’ve got it bad when he’s the first thing you think about in the morning and last thing you fantasise about before drifting off to sleep.

The vulnerability

When you know your falling fast and you can’t seem to catch yourself. The moment you realise you’re officially vulnerable because he’s breaking down your barriers and finding his way into your heart. You can’t seem to hold on or let go. You’re no longer in control because you’ve found something special that makes you want more. It’s a scary yet beautiful place.

The overthinking

Like every perfect thing, as women we’re brilliant at beating ourselves to the punch. We protect our hearts by overthinking and sometimes it’s in the worst way possible. This is the period where those insecurities and old wounds start to appear and you realise that if you don’t get it together you’re going to drive yourself mad.

The waiting game

The odd place in-between dating and being in a relationship. You’ve both been going out for some time but nobody has decided yet to crossover. You know you want a relationship but neither of you have been very honest or open about where things are going. It’s a tricky situation because if you push too soon, you could lose what you have. But if you don’t get direction, you could be in the exact same position six months from now.

There’s no rulebook to dating. Everybody dates and gets into a relationship at their own pace. It’s important to be honest, communicate and stay true to yourself. You never know, what you want and need may just be around the corner.