Deal breakers: 7 reasons he didn't ask for another date

The things you did on your first date to make him run for the hills and not call you back. 

Things you did on the first date that caused him to not call you back

Dating, it's rough out there! As we've seen in movies such as 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' and 'He's Just Not That Into You', there are a few things us ladies tend to do that seem to do a lot more harm than good.

But instead of sitting at home this Saturday night with a tub of Ben & Jerry's, read on and figure out exactly what you did to send him running for the hills and get back out there with all the knowledge you need to keep him keen, for a whole lot longer than just a few hours.

Here is a run down of the biggest dating no-no's that will have him running for the hills faster than you can say 'see you later'!

1. You were late

There is nothing guys hate more in this world, (except maybe Sex and the City), than waiting around. Whether he picked you up or you met at the restaurant, it is the height of rudeness to leaving him hanging.

He doesn't want to hear excuses like you 'couldn't decide on a dress' or your 'mum called for a chat', unless your car broke down or your cat died, there's really no excuse for tardiness.

2. You drank way too much

There is nothing wrong with letting your hair down and enjoying a refreshing glass (or two) of red after a long week at work. However, what can start out as an innocent icebreaker can go downhill very quickly.

No guy wants to scrape you off the floor - or hold your hair - on the first date. Our advice, slip slowly – semi-sobriety is key!

3. You brought up your ex

Ah, the ex - the always awkward conversation killer. A tearful account of your break up, angry analysis of his new girl's Instagram, or loving reflection on your romantic getaway to Fiji are all going to have him reaching for his jacket before you can even begin to realise what you've done wrong.

4. You talked the whole time

First dates, they're all about discovering each other right?

They're new and exciting and of course he wants to hear all about your job, your friends and your interests, but an hour recount of your family tree or a blow by blow description of your latest business deal, maybe save these for later! As pretty as the sound of your voice is, he doesn't want to hear it for 3 hours straight. Be sure to ask about him – and really listen.

The reasons he isn't calling you back for a second date; you ordered a salad

5. You ordered the salad (and then ate half of his fries)

We all know the eternal struggle when it comes time to order; "do  I smile and order a side salad, or give in and get what I really want"? The answer is pretty clear in our books, order the steak!

Guys love a girl with an appetite and you won't freak him out two months down the track when you suddenly start doubling your portion sizes.

However, if you do opt for something light, don't let those hands start to wander (over to his plate that is).

6. You were on your phone the whole time

Remember when you were a kid and there were no phones allowed at the dinner table? Your parents were right, this golden rule should stick with you for life!

There is nothing more crushing than telling someone something you find super interesting and looking over to see their head buried in their phone. It tells him that you don't care, so why should he?

7. You didn't reach for the cheque

The cheque dance... We all know how it goes, you reach for your purse and he snatches it our of your hands and proudly hands his card to the waiter. It might seem like a pointless exercise, but guys like to feel needed. Treating you to dinner makes him feel manlier than ever, why would you deny him that!?

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So, there you have it. Are you the culprit behind one (or more) of these dating crimes? If so, don't fret. Use this list as your go to guide for what not to do, and you'll have more dates than you could ever dream of.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis