Bride Wars: 10 struggles only bridesmaids get

Beautiful purple bridesmaid dresses and flowers

Weddings – they're not all sunshine and roses are they?

These are the trials and tribulations bridesmaids have never been selfish enough to admit, because well... it’s not your special day - but they need to said!

Friend or fill-in: Okay, so the bride could be anyone from your best friend to some distant relative just trying to make up numbers and honestly, I don't know what's worse.

She's like your sister? Great! But be prepared to go from BFF to overworked assistant just like that. Goodbye brunch and boy talk, hello bookings and bridal showers!

Don't know her that well? Get ready for a whole lot of awkward introductions and unknown answers to bachelorette quizzes!

Disaster dress: Do you hate your dress? Or worse, THE BRIDES? It doesn't matter. You are eternally obligated as a bridesmaid to ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ over anything everything, but do you really want to let your friend look like the abominable snowman?

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Maid of Horror: We've all seen the movie; she's asked that one friend you don't really know to be MOH and it turns out - you hate her guts. We recommend yoga.. deep breaths!

The curse of the bouquet: Are you recently single? Or maybe you've just started seeing someone? Get ready to be bombarded with the ever annoying 'you're next!'s from just about every aunt in sight.

Money, money, money: Let me tell you now, being a bridesmaid isn't cheap! From mani-pedis to mimosas, the job is definitely a drain on not only your brain but your wallet too!

Bridesmaids movie quote 'help i'm poor'

Bag a bridesmaid: Oh the ever popular sport of bridesmaid hunting. Just about every single guy that has ever gone to a wedding has had one goal in sight and we have three words in mind; dream on buddy!

Free time? Forget it!: Be warned that right up until the big day, bridesmaid duties will consume basically all of your free time. You'll be at your bride's beck-and-call pretty much 24/7 so don't even think about planning that weekend away!

Dr Phil here: So you're a bridesmaid, it's all dress fittings and champagne right? Sorry to break it to you, but you are now your bride's unofficial shrink. From melt downs over seating charts to full scale tantrums over flowers...

Toast or roast: Preparing a speech for the big day is pretty much part of the job description. But now you're faced with the biggest dilemma of all - what to say.

Should you be silly or sentimental? I know we're all tempted to have a giggle at our bride's expense, but maybe run it by her before you give her grandma (or new husband) a heart attack with a wild story or two.

Bridesmaids movie quote 'i'll just say this'

D- Day: The big day is finally here! You're over the hill and now it's party time, right? Wrong. Here comes a full day of dealing with everything from last minute jitters, to sneakily saving some appetisers, to dealing with the dress while she uses the bathroom - and believe me, it's nowhere near as cute as you'd think!

Phew! Now that we've gotten that off our chests and had a wine or two, we can honestly say that for every teary late night phone call or hideous teal dress, we would do it all over again just to see that contagious grin that she just can't wipe off her face after it's all over, and the felling of knowing that smile is even 1% because of you. (We're mushy, we know!)

Words: Sophie Catsoulis