All About eHarmony's Membership

 Online dating website memberships have lots of benefits.

Dating in the 21st century has changed drastically. If you want to meet someone special you don’t even have to leave the house anymore. But with its increase in popularity as well as its easy-accessibility it comes with its own set of disadvantages.

Because any old Jack or Jill can create a profile (or two) on most online dating apps, it has become less trustworthy. Some reviews on lower ranking dating apps have even stated that more than 50% of members are fake. If you are serious about meeting the love of your life, you won’t have success when you are actually talking to a bunch of scammers.

It’s because of this reason that online dating sites like eHarmony have introduced paid membership programs. When you do invest in a paid membership, you might end up just as lucky as these four couples who can testify of the success of online dating:

What is the difference between a paid membership and a free membership, though? Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits of paid memberships and whether it’s actually worth the extra dollars.

Real Members

Fake profilers or scammers won’t necessarily invest in an online dating membership. Having to pay a monthly fee to find love isn’t really a scammer's thing. With most high-quality and top-rated online dating sites, members have to go through an identification validation process to ensure that they are who they say they are.
When you become a member, you are guaranteed to match with other members that are real. Those experienced with online dating will know the horrible sinking feeling of chatting with someone who turns out to not look anything like their profile picture. Being catfished, especially for a long period of time, can be avoided when you actually pay for the dating service.

Extra Features

If you’ve been single and dating, you’ll know that finding love is like fishing in a giant pond of sharks hoping that the one small goldfish will bite. When all you have is a compact online profile and a few of your best pictures, the chances of your fish chomping down on your bait might be zero to nothing.
Becoming a member of a high-profile dating service will give you loads of additional features. These features will make you more noticeable to eligible partners. As well as enhance your overall online experience.

Online dating website memberships have lots of benefits.

Benefits included in most highly reviewed and rated sites are:

- Compatibility checkers that will help you find suitable matches among the thousands of members who have registered
- Jumping locations to all over the world. No matter if you are situated in New York, you can use the passport setting to find love in another city. Perfect for those who travel on a regular basis
- Open profiles and photos. Some sites keep all members’ profiles private; no photos or additional information can be seen until you pay and register.
- Unlimited messages and likes will give you the freedom to find as many suitors and keep on chatting throughout the night without being stopped by limits
- Gifting potential future dates with virtual gifts is a great advantage that members have. This definitely beats having to send someone real cash into their account because you are being scammed
- Members can set much clearer filters and preferences
- Safety features that allow you to block users or even report abusers of the service
- Photo verification for added trust
- Video call, live chat, and phone call features
- Linking social network profiles for further identification verification

Added Security

One of your biggest concerns when doing anything online should be personal privacy. Members have increased security to protect their information, photos, and profiles. Staying safe while communicating and exchanging info is so important. Read this article for more information on staying safe online.
Paying a membership fee will give you added customer service and perks, making you a priority when dealing with a security issue.
On the flip side, online dating can actually be much safer than going on a blind date. You can get to know someone over chat, phone call, or video call before actually meeting them in person. This will give you a chance to tap into your sixth sense to figure out whether they are creepy or not.

Finding Someone with the Same Expectations

One of the most common complaints reported by date site users are that not all members are there for the same reasons. If you are actually looking for a committed and loving relationship, you definitely don’t want to waste your time chatting to someone who only want some fun.
Sure, there are dating sites specifically designed for one-night stands and quick flings. But if you are in search of something more serious, you need to get in contact with others who have the same expectations.
It’s highly unlikely that someone who are also looking for something serious will pay a membership fee. When you are a paid member, most date sites will give your profile some sort of badge. From then on, anyone who wants to interact with you will know that you are serious about meeting someone special. You can also keep a keen eye out for members with badges to narrow down your search.

Online dating website memberships have lots of benefits.

Date Coaching and Advice

Online dating can be tricky. Just like you would train yourself in picking up partners in a bar, you have to find better ways to approach potential partners online too. Learn a few extra skills that will help you win at the game of online dating here:

Members might also receive some added coaching and advice. Especially if you have no clue how to approach the opposite sex, it will be an investment in your dating life. In many cases, members have testified that they’ve grown as individuals because of following trusted dating advice from the sites they’ve registered to.
When you want to move from the chat room to a real meeting, you might need some extra guidance for the meeting to go down smoothly. Having that support from a team who want you to be successful, might be the boost you need to move forward in your romantic life.

Online dating doesn’t work out for everyone. But if you are pining to meet someone special, then it’s definitely worth considering. Especially if you aren’t skilled at approaching love interests out of your own accord. Putting yourself out there and investing in a membership that gives you a few extra perks will definitely stack the odds in your favor.