9 Weird Things You Can Only Share with Your Best Friend Forever

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1. You Both Stalk Someone on Social Media Together - Obsessively

It's a fact that you both have an addiction to stalking that same person just for laughs, curiosity and who knows where it will lead you or who you will stumble across.

2. That Person You are Seriously Crushing On

Your BFF knows everything about your crush and is the only person in the whole world who will let you talk about them constantly without attempting to punch you in the face.

3. That Weird Sex Experience That You can't Figure Out if You Like or Hate

It's that experience where you can't decide if it was the best thing in your life or possibly something that you won't like to try again.

Only your best friend will understand so obviously talking it out is going to help you make up your mind to see if this is something you want to explore.

4. The Ex You Can't Get Over

It's a repetitious cycle of heartbreak and complaining. Only your BFF understands why you feel this way and how you will NEVER get over it.

5. You Feel Shameless without Wearing any Makeup

Makeup free is the level of comfortable that you have reached and you know what, you both actually feel closer like this. Plus, you BFF has seen worse and truly loves you for more than your war paint.

6. Family Drama and Everything that Annoys You about it

The people in your life who you have love for will without a doubt annoy you at some point in your life. And your BFF isn't going to judge you or your family - and though you are going to be harsh you know that it won't go any further than that. You both know it's about letting off some steam and continuing to love again. #FAMILY

7. Those Secret Signals/Looks that Only You Both Understand

You know those moments where you are both trying to have a telepathic conversation with each other whilst being surrounded by other people. Yes, it's THOSE looks or gestures that only you and your BFF understand.

8. Embarrassing Moments that You are Still in Denial about

Oh yes, that happened ... But surely it wasn't that bad, right? It's those moments that you share with your best friend in hope for a sign of relief and support. And only a bestie knows how to comfort you and help you pretend it wasn't as traumatic as it was.

9. Your Evil Side A.K.A. The Bitch Face

Oh yes, your BFF is the only person who can see this ugly side. Sure the #BITCHFACE comes out every so often unexpectedly - but the regularity of it can only be shared between you and your bestie. Plus sometimes it's only the both of you who really understand why something is just so annoying.