9 ways that the modern day woman can make a move

The ways that the modern day woman can make the first move and keep her dignity in the process.

Ways woman can make a move when they see a sexy guy at a bar

So there's a cute guy on the horizon, but nothing is happening and it's driving you mad...

In 2016, it is widely accepted that a woman can most definitely make the first move. However, none of us wants to come across as 'the crazy one'. There is a fine line between coming across as confident or clingy when it comes to kicking things off with a new guy.

For example: Suggesting an afternoon coffee? Great. Inviting him to your grandma's birthday dinner? Way too keen.

To curb this confusion, we've complied a list of ways to get things moving that will help you keep him right where you want him.

Physical contact

Hey now, no funny business here! By 'physical contact' we certainly don't mean jumping straight into bed. If you ask us, all it takes is a few innocent brushes of skin on skin contact to get your point across. Whether it's a brush of the bicep as you laugh at his joke, or a lingering hand on the shoulder when you thank him for the coffee, this super simple technique will show him exactly where your intentions lie.

Working the room

Embrace your inner social butterfly and give him a taste of that irresistible personality. It doesn't matter if you're at a bar on a Friday night or just in the break room at lunch, be your happy, bubbly self and get talking. We promise you'll have him inching towards you in seconds.

Taking an interest

He's crazy about football? Take an interest. We're not suggesting that you pretend to be a die hard fan, but why not switch the game on tonight and check it out? You'll have a perfect conversation starter and he'll love that you've got yet another attractive string to your bow.

Eye contact

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul (or the nipples of the face, depending who you ask), so what better way to hint at where your heart lies than by a subtle stare or two. Now please don't go staring at this poor guy, we don't want to scare him off. Instead, channel your best Tyra Banks impersonation, smile with your eyes and watch him turn to putty right before your very eyes.

Sexy girl makes eye contact to get the guy

Shout him a drink

Running into the guy you're crushing on can be a daunting experience, but don't fret, why not buy him a shot (or a latte, depending where you are) and subtly but surely show him you're keen to hang out.

Stay up to date

Be sure to keep up with the latest movies, restaurants and events in your area. Slip them into conversation and you might just score and invite to check one out together.

Compliment him

Tell him how great that blue shirt looks with his eyes, or how that new hair cut that does wonders for his face. Who doesn't love a little ego boost? He's sure to be flattered by the attention, and if he doesn't pick up that your interested, I'm not sure what more you can do!

Be upfront

Make sure he know that you are currently unattached. You never know, he might have seen you with your room mate and jumped to conclusions, so be sure to subtly set the record straight.

Dress to impress

Ditch the daggy jeans and dust off your cutest outfits and show him what he's missing. He'll never be able to resist your favourite LBD and heels and hopefully, he'll know it's all just for him.

There you have it, the perfect ways to take matters into your own hands and get things moving. Go out there and get what you want!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis