9 things you should never tell your best friend

Written by Jessica Lunan

We've covered the 9 things you should never tel your man, but what about your BFF?

As they say, you can’t pick your family but you can pick your best friends. The truth is your BFF is your rock, they are the ones that won’t let you get away with being a diva, they understand your true goofy ways and they get you like nobody else.

However, despite the two of you being as thick as thieves, there are certain things you should never tell your BFF (we know, despite the rules of always telling them everything). Here’s 7 things you should never tell your BFF.

1. That you’re texting the f*boy who emotionally scarred you (yet again).

Your BFF has got your back. So of course they’re going to be upset when they find out that your texting the f*boy who screwed you over. They’ve got your best interest at heart and hate to see you crying over stupid boys.

2. That you went to the latest bar you two of been planning to go to for months with your new work friends.

And that these work friends are now some of your closest (almost) best friends. This is especially hurtful if you and your bestie are in a long-distance friendship. There is nothing worse than feeling like your BFF is replacing you.


3. Not tell them about the Tinder date you’re going on because you don’t want to jinx it.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to jinx a Tinder date, or that you don’t want to tell anyone about your date because you feel like things aren’t going to go anywhere anyway. But if they find out about your date after it happened (and worse, through someone else) they’re not going to be happy.

4. That you hate the person they’re dating.

Fair enough if the guy they’re dating is a total a**, but if you’re just jealous because your BFF is spending all of your precious Keeping Up with The Kardashians binge-watching-bonding-time to hang out with her man, take a breath and tell yourself that you can’t always have your BFF to yourself.

5. Not asking her if she needs to go to the bathroom when you’re on a night out.

Ladies, you’ll all understand this one. There is nothing like that sense of betrayal when you’re on a night out and suddenly you need to go to the bathroom and you ask your BFF if they need to go too and they say they’ve already gone. Not cool.


6. That you're bailing on your much-anticipated night out because you want to spend time with your man.

Just, no. This can never happen. Live by the mantra “ovaries before brovaries”, always.

7. Plan an overseas trip without her.

No holiday compares to the ones spent your best friend.

8. That the person they’re having a feud with kind of has a point.

Even if you think they do. It’s the rules of BFF’s that you instantly dislike anyone who is causing drama with your bestie. There is nothing worse than feeling like your BFF hasn’t got your back when something is upsetting you.

9. That you couldn’t wait for your weekly wine night to watch the latest episode of Greys Anatomy.

And then proceed to accidentally tell them spoilers. You might just need to find a new BFF after that.