9 Things women wish guys would stop doing in bed

The 'under the covers' things women don't always discuss but wish men would stop doing!

Things guys do in bed that woman hate

Ladies, we have all been in a situation where we’ve been in bed with someone and they do something so cringe-worthy... again and again!

The following are 9 things women are SO OVER seeing, hearing and experiencing in bed. It’s time men get their s *t together!

1. He’s unprepared

He knows bedroom actions is on the cards but when it comes to it, he doesn’t have lube and condoms handy – really?!

2. Then he whinges for a full few minutes about having to use a condom

... Even though he is fully aware of what could happen if you don't.

3. He treats going down on you as foreplay for sex

Why do some men only ever treat this as foreplay... but not as the main event?

Selfish things guys do in bed that need to stop

4. Or he ignores foreplay all together

Foreplay isn’t something ‘romantic’ that only happens in movies, it is essential for women!

5. He constantly wants your approval

While it’s wise to ask before doing anything overly kinky, constantly asking whether “this is okay” is NOT OKAY!

6. He ‘kneads’ and jiggles your boobs

Yes, some women find boob-action erotic but you need to refine your skills not just mush them!

Women hate it when men make them leave right after being in bed together

7. He assumes you’ve finished because he has

Some men don't seem to understand that it takes more to satisfy you than just the act of sex itself.

8. He can’t disconnect

If he touches his phone immediately after or during (cringe) your bedroom action it’s time to drop his ass!

9. After sex he treats bodily fluids like it's a plague

You haven’t even caught your breath and he can't wait to have a shower or strip his sheets.

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Words: Frances van Eeden