9 Things men wish women would stop doing in bed

EXPLICIT: Let’s discuss those things men can’t stand women doing in bed, for your pleasure and his.

Things women do in bed under the sheets that men hate

We’ve had a look at the things that women wish guys would stop doing in bed, but now it’s time to focus the magnifying glass on the ladies.

Here we have uncovered exactly what drives men crazy in bed (and not in the way you want)!

1. You leave it all up to him

If he is a decent guy of course he will want to please you, but men don’t appreciate the pressure of being 100% responsible for your pleasure. Don’t be afraid to lend a hand... if you get what we mean.

2. You refuse to try new things

Who cares if it’s an awkward angle or you MIGHT not look your sexiest, those unexpected noises are all a part of it so don’t be afraid to try new things with your man... and if it all goes array, just laugh it off.

3. You nickname his manhood

It goes without saying that this is emasculating.

Things women do in bed that men date

5. You’re too quiet

Please don't lay there like a piece of wood... You don't need to get all porno-like on him (or do, if that’s your thing), just moan a little so he knows you are still alive. But for your pleasure and his we totally recommend getting more involved. 

6. You care too much about what you look like

Ladies, he’s far too busy enjoying the moment to focus on your jiggling bits and here you are, stressing out if he can see the one little bit of hair you forgot to get rid of!

7. You examine his man-business like you’re looking at an alienated object

Yes, we know it’s not the most sightly part of his body but just embrace it and please... don’t pull a face.

Things women do in bed that men date

8. You don’t have a firm grip

With your hands or lips... if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Show him some love and put in the effort!

9. You ignore his balls...

We don’t think this one requires too much of an explanation.

Of course what you like in bed is all about personal preferance so we totally encourage being open and communicating about your (and his) bedroom ways. 

Words: Frances van Eeden