8 truths of travelling with your partner

Written by Jessica Lunan

Relationship travelling 101.

Everyone dreams of traveling the world with their partner. Think cute couple photos, someone to help carry your suitcases (no, we didn’t pack too much), indulge in a different culture and just making memories that will last a lifetime.

Despite all this cute stuff, the reality is like anyone you spend a lot of time with, it can be easy to clash and feel like you want to rip each other’s hair out after spending weeks abroad.

Here are the relationship truths when you travel with your partner.

1. You’ll find out what they’re really like

Especially if you don’t live together. You’ll find out the strangest quirks about your partner that you’ve never noticed. Do they breathe a lot through their mouth? Sing in the shower? Snort when they laugh (ok, you should have noticed it by now). What we can guarantee is that as soon as you notice these little quirks will start niggling at you.

2. Being dragged to every sports game and stadium

And we can guarantee your man will shed a tear (despite saying how he just has something in his eye). We understand that relationships are all about compromise, but when it’s the 7th game during your trip, you know you’d much prefer doing anything else.

3. Dealing with them rolling their eyes when you walk into yet another boutique

No, you can never shop too much.


4. Being forced to step out of your comfort zone

By this we mean if your man is an adrenaline junkie and wants you to do as many extreme sports as you possibly can. If he’s wanting you to go bungee jumping and white water rafting, maybe he should have booked a boy’s trip instead.

5. Snoring

Everyone does it, but when you’re sleep deprived snoring can be the worst thing that has ever happened. Ever. Make sure you pack extra ear plugs, and just know snoring doesn’t define your relationship.


6. Trying to keep your cool when you get lost for the 60th time

Especially if you’re anything like me and have no sense of direction. Try to stay calm when you loose your way. Sometimes the most exciting experience can happen when you venture off the untrodden path. And please fight the urge to break up with your partner when this happens.

7. Breaking down barriers

By this we mean both communication between you two and possibly language barriers of the country you are in. During this time, it’s essential you work together despite how much they are driving you crazy.

8. Take a breather

Are you grinding your teeth reading this because these are a little too close for comfort? What I’ve found is what saves your sanity while traveling with your partner is that you need your alone time. Socialise with the travelers you meet while your away, or peruse the halls of the Louvre without your man nudging at you to go get a croissant.

All we can say is that, as the saying goes, if you can survive traveling with your partner you can survive absolutely anything.