8 drama-infused road blocks you need to eliminate in 2016


It was a bleak Saturday night. The company I was mingling with was a bit sour. The air was humid and the music lacked melody and sounded like white noise on repeat.

Irritated by everyone's lack of enthusiasm I decided to head outside for some fresh air, ironically in the smoker's section.

Thinking that I had escaped the crowd for a moment, I reached for my lighter and Iphone and settled back into the oversized bean bag. I closed my eyes and inhaled, acknowledging how infused with alcohol my body was and mentally drifted off with the cool breeze.

It only felt like a second when I was interrupted by a close friend asking me for a light. We began the usual chit chat but the conversation escalated quickly into an argument as I shared my views about an acquaintance we both mutually disliked.

I know this scenario seems utterly basic, but as I reflected on the situation the morning after, I realised that the entire evening was highly unnecessary. The drama, the exchanging of negative words and the unhealthy company - it was all tainting my happiness.

This epiphany brought me to realise 8 of the toxic things I don't want to take with me into 2016. It's time to say goodbye to drama-infused road blocks.

Often more times than not, we look at the ones around us for approval. It's time to change our thought processes and hone into owning who we are and not apologising for it.

Bad company
Say no to the people who make you mediocre. Of course being open minded is an important aspect to life, but there are certain people who are just bad for your vibe.

Boring places and spaces
Where you are seen regularly will have an affect on your mood, so expand your horizons and mix up your scenery. This way you won't suffer from the mundane and stepping out of your comfort zone means there is room for new opportunities.

Bad habits
It's time to break the routines that aren't doing you any good. Whether it be smoking, FOMO (fear of missing out) or the addiction to electronic devices, A.K.A. your phone, it's time to give yourself a break and get detached from the things that could be destroying you.

Stop being complacent. Live on the edge a little. Break those toxic habits. Enjoy life and see it for what it really is. Sometimes making minor changes to your daily routine can make for a better and even more beautiful day. For example, why not take a more scenic route to work, go for a walk on your lunch break or even treat yourself to a massage. Give yourself time to take in life.

Empty promises
Let go of the empty promises made by friends, family and even ones that you have made to yourself. The New Year calls for a fresh chapter, a blank page, a new beginning. Don't hold yourself back by looking back. It's time to start looking forward.

Negativity can come in the form of music, books, social media, people, work and so much more. Sometimes the things that seem innocent can be damaging us the most. It's time to let go of the bad energy and harness only the good.

Painful memories
Say goodbye to the broken dreams that are stunting your growth. Just because a plan didn't work out, doesn't mean that there isn't a better one out their for you. Broken dreams are meant to be restored and sometimes they're altered for a better purpose. Either way, don't give up just get up and keep pushing forward.

Words: Anonymous