8 difficult truths about being in a relationship

Sometimes, they will drive you crazy!

When we hear of couples who have been together for years and are still seemingly as loved up as they were in the beginning, it gives us some serious #relationshipgoals. But only the people in that relationship know it's taken work, time and effort and that it isn't always so rosy.

Here are ten difficult truths about being in a relationship we can all relate to.

1. You have to love yourself before you can accept another person's love

Like many other women, I really struggle with accepting the way I look. Whether it's the cellulite on my derriere, my less than flat stomach or my big forehead, I can always find something about myself that I don't like. Sometimes I've even wondered how my boyfriend could possibly find me attractive on those days when I feel less than flawless.

Of course, he's never done anything to make me feel bad about myself - in fact, he always tells me I'm beautiful and sexy. But I've learned that it's so much easier to accept somebody else's love for you once you've learned to love yourself - flaws and all.

2. You won't always like them

Loving someone means giving them the space they need to be annoying on some days for no apparent reason - to appreciate and stand by them when they're at their darkest as well as their happiest. You won't like your partner all the time, but you won't like yourself every day either.

3. You won't always agree with each other on everything

No matter how compatible you two might be, you won't agree on everything simply because you're two different people. You'll disagree on political candidates, how many throw pillows to put on the bed and what to eat for dinner.

4. You'll fight

Fights and conflict are inevitable when you're in a relationship because sometimes you'll have a different opinion to your partner. It doesn't mean the relationship is doomed if you argue.

5. You have to make compromises

Because people are destined to change over time, the person you're dating might start to look different from the person you fell for, which can be scary. The person you love might develop new hobbies, interests, habits or opinions you might not like which means you will absolutely have to compromise regularly. You will have to bargain on an ongoing basis, accepting his excessive gaming setup for the right to keep your growing book collection on display.

6. You will miss the honeymoon phase

The constant euphoria, hearts fluttering, being unable to stop thinking about each other and all the other things that come with the early stages of a relationship do come to an end eventually. There'll still be moments of skipped heartbeats, lust and excitement but they won't be as constant as before. And you'll realise that's actually a good thing because it means your relationship is growing from lust into a real, secure and lasting love.

7. You won't always miss them when you're apart

When you're still in the honeymoon phase, its normal to miss your partner desperately when you're away from each other. But once you've been together awhile, you'll find that you're able to enjoy the time you spend by yourself. While you still look forward to seeing them again, you won't always miss them desperately.

8. Relationships require effort

Love isn't always enough. Relationships aren't always about cuddles, hand holding, romantic candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. Relationships take lots of work, time and effort. They aren't always easy but they sure as hell are worth it.


Emma is just your average book loving, tea drinking, story writing, narcissistic millennial on an eternal quest for the perfect t-shirt. Ever since she picked up her first copy of Dolly when she was twelve, she always knew she wanted to work in magazines. She would describe herself as a bit of a hopeless romantic with an obsession for true crime and horror and a love for red wine, whiskey or a stiff gin and tonic. When she's not binge watching Netflix or buying things she can't afford online, she spends her weekends trawling through bookstores and eating her way through Brisbane.