7 Ways to make your quickies seriously AH-MAZING!

These seven tips will take your quickies from blah to ahh... quick!

Couple having quickie

1. Foreplay is always essential

Sexting is a great way to unleash your inner flirt and build that anticipation that is sure to cause fireworks when you finally get to be together.

Girl in office with leg up

2. Secretly wear something super sexy

Surprise your partner with a super sexy yet super unexpected lingerie set under your usual outfit.

Rebel Wilson ripping off top

3. Don't be afraid to talk dirty 

Get into it quickly by telling your partner exactly what naughty things you want to do to them.

Train Wreck

4. Prepare with a warm-up

Starting off with mutual masturbation takes the pressure off getting into things. Plus it will seriously turn him on watching you.

5. “If you’re horny, ride it, my pony”

Set the mood and embrace your inner sex goddess with body bumping tunes.

Girl bending over chair

6. Enlist help to ensure you both orgasm

Use sex toys that you know work for you both.

7. Try something RISKAY

Whether it is an unexpected location or a risky position, the excitement of trying something daring is sure to get you both super hot.

Couple having quickie