7 things you wish he knew in the bedroom

Because men aren’t mind readers.

Men, listen up. We’re letting you in on a huge secret: the inner workings of the female mind! Here are 7 things women are thinking and wish men knew in the bedroom.

Confidence? Hot. Arrogance? Not.

We love a man who appears confident and seems to know what he’s doing. However, if you’re acting cocky, that’s a huge turnoff.

Don’t be selfish

Nothing grinds a lady’s gears like feeling like she comes second (pun not intended). As with in all aspects of a relationship, we need to be equal partners. So try to get some balance between the give and take. Being a little more giving can have some very good results for you too!

Don’t believe the myths

Pop culture and myths may have led you to believe that women don’t want or look forward to the steamy times as much as men. FALSE! If you start off knowing we’re as happy to be there as you are, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it more.

You don’t have to be a Calvin Klein model

Much like you love our curves and don’t want us to be insecure, we don’t expect you to be ripped. A bulging bicep never hurt anyone, but we aren’t laughing at you if you don’t have the physique of The Rock. In fact, we tend to prefer the natural man – it makes us feel better about not being Victoria’s Secret Angels.


Don’t take constructive criticism to heart

If something isn’t working for us and we let you know, don’t get hurt – and DON’T sulk! It’s okay – not everything works for everyone. Take it as an opportunity to ask us what we do like and if there’s anything we’d like you to try. This could be very fun for you…

Take your time!

This is not a race, and trust us, speed will not impress. Don’t rush to the main event. Enjoy the steps along the way together, and be amazed at the positive response you’re sure to get.

Be adventurous (within reason)

Don’t think we’re delicate flowers and need to be treated as such. Have a little fun with it, try new things (with permission) and let us find our groove together, whatever that may be. The bedroom may not be a XXX film but it sure doesn’t need to be boring!