7 things that happen when your BFF moves away


It’s a part of life: people move away. Sometimes it’s for uni, sometimes it’s for family reasons and sometimes it’s for job opportunities that can’t be turned down. Unfortunately for some of us, that also means our BFFs take off and leave us without a mani-pedi buddy. These are the 7 things that can happen when your bestie is no longer living in the same city as you:

Sky-high phone bills

Talking on the phone for two hours every day for two weeks adds up, folks. We get it – especially right after she leaves, you will want to catch up every day and hear all about her new life! Once the two of you have become more familiar to the situation, the daily calls will get shorter and become weekly ones. Your phone bill will shrink before your very eyes!

Long distance relationship woes

Long distance love can be just as hard with your best friend as with your partner. You have to make time to talk, and the “wish you were here” texts when she’s having a rough day can be heartbreaking because you can’t rush to her side. Plus there are the airfares for when you do make spontaneous visits. Now that’s love.

It gets lonely

Take it from someone who knows, it definitely gets lonely when the person you share everything with is no longer in close proximity. You’ll find yourself picking up the keys to drive over to her place before you remember she won’t be there!


FaceTime and wine dates

Luckily, we live in the era of FaceTime. If all you want is a wine and a whine with your bestie, you can prop your phone up on the coffee table, pour the vino and get chatting face to face. It’ll be just like old times. It’s a great way to catch up on all the goss and you’ll get a kick out of seeing her gorgeous smile again!


Ooh, it can be super hard not to get green-eyed with jealousy when she finds someone in her building who loves brunch, or someone at her new work who makes her laugh (GASP! That’s YOUR job!). While it may feel like you’re being replaced, try to remember she still loves you and be happy that she has people to have fun with when you can’t be there. After all, she’s probably jealous of the peeps who repeatedly appear in your Snap stories too!

You miss the important occasions

You got a promotion? She can’t come out for celebratory margaritas. She’s having a special birthday and throwing a bash? You can’t get the time off to make the trip. It sucks, and you will forgive each other for it, but it’s really hard to miss out on each other’s big moments. Sometimes a phone call where all you do is squeal over the good news will have to do.

It makes you appreciate each other more

Long distance bestie-ship can be really tough. But when you run into each other’s arms at the airport, it’s all worth it because the time you do have together is sweeter than ever.

Words: Hanna Sloan