7 things Samantha Jones taught us about sex

We love each of the girls in their own way, but there's no denying Samantha Jones put the sex in Sex and the City! While Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda were looking for Mr. Right (or trying for the 100th time with Mr. Big), Samantha gallivanted across New York without a care in the world, which often resulted in cringe-worthy situations. Samantha being Samantha however, always has the right comeback and has taught us valuable lessons under the cover.

1. Don’t slip the L word too early... especially not if the sex IS good!


2. You are in control of your own pleasure.


3. Waiting doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a happily ever after.


4. Just because things are intimate doesn’t mean you need to blurt out feelings you both might regret later.


5. Get your relationship priorities straight!


6. The foreplay sets the scene.


7. You don’t have to define your sexuality!


Words: Frances van Eeden