7 things never to do when meeting his parents

 What not to do when meeting his parents.

Nothing compares to a new romance. You’re both blissfully happy, can’t keep your hands off each other and everything just seems so right in the world. However, with every new romance comes the people important in your boyfs life. Most importantly his parents... yep, our heart is racing just thinking about it.

While your man’s folks are sure to love you (we mean he does, right?), there are certain things you should never do when meeting his parents.

1. Have a calming drink.

Or 5. We admit that having some dutch courage before going into the battlefield (aka his parents’ house) would be so good right now. But no one want’s to be that girl slurring her words and reeking of vodka. Save that for the club on Saturday night, ladies.


2. Don’t wear sheer clothes.

One of the most important (and difficult) things you do when you meet the parents is decide what to wear. We generally like to leave a week for us to completely ponder our wardrobes for the perfect outfit (just kidding, it’s more like 2). Please steer clear of anything sheer! While your man is sure to love seeing your bits, we can guarantee his parents don’t want to.

3. Sniff your meal, hold your nose and ask “what is this?”

Ok, ok. This might be an exaggeration, we’re all responsible adults who are over the picky food stage. But if you his parents happen to be serve you something that you might not like, at least pretend that it’s the most delicious meal you’ve ever had in your life.

4. Have a long PDA sesh with your boy in front of the ‘rents.

Now is not the time to be getting to know your man’s body better.


5. Grab his dad and ask, “so is this how (insert boyfriends name) is going to look like in 30 years?”

Please, just no!

6. Tell them that you’ve already figured out where you want the wedding ceremony.

After just 3 weeks of dating.

7. Address each family member by name before your man has introduced you, because you’ve stalked them all on Facebook.

“I really loved that picture you posted in Paris! Oh, how did I see that? It was three years ago..?”

At least pretend that you’ve never seen these people before in your life!

If you follow these tips we can gurantee you'll win his parents over