7 things he wishes you knew in the bedroom


Ever wondered what he’s thinking when things are heating up in the bedroom? Well wonder no more, because we have the seven things he wishes you knew in the boudoir.

1. He loves your curves, so stop being so self-conscious

Every little bump and curve is heaven to him, especially when it’s all for his eyes only. Don’t stress too much over bulges and rolls – all women have them, and he’s too busy admiring you to notice any so-called imperfections. If you’re focussing on how you look, you aren’t enjoying the moment!

2. Your uncontrollable “faces” are actually turning him on

If you’re having a really good time, you might pull the odd face. Don’t worry that he will laugh or think you’re weird. Chances are your faces are actually a huge turn on for him! And if he’s not looking at your faces, he’s probably pulling a few of his own.


3. Tell him what you want

Ladies, we all know men aren’t mind readers. If there’s something you want, they need you to tell them! Trust us, they love knowing what they can do to make this even more fun for you.

4. Tell him what he’s doing right

It can’t all be instructions, or this will start to feel like work. If there’s something your man is totally getting right, tell him! Not only does it boost his confidence, but it also ensures you get repeat performances of your favourite parts!

5. Show some enthusiasm

The sexiest thing you can do in the bedroom is be enthusiastic. Nothing kills the mood like someone looking like they so don’t want to be there. If you’re excited to be there, show it! Enjoy your time together.

6. Initiate

Men don’t always want to have to be the one initiating the fun times. Start things up and see his look of surprise and delight! He needs to feel wanted too.

7. “I’m so lucky”

While you might be worrying about any one of the crazy things we think they notice (do men even know what cellulite is?), the main thing he’s probably thinking is how damn lucky he is to be there with you! So take a leaf out of his book and appreciate being appreciated.