7 Things he should never say on the first date

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These are major first date red flags.

These are major first date red flags

Did you know that when a guy talks a lot on a first date, it means he likes you? Yes, when a guy yaps away without giving you room to speak, he’s actually trying to impress you. It’s his way of ‘peacocking’.

Should the date not be a total disaster, we may give him the benefit of the doubt and wait until date 2 or 3 to see if he was nervously over-talking or if he is just self-absorbed.

But in the meantime, while he’s deep in solo conversation, take the opportunity to listen. He may slip up on a few topics with his over-sharing. Should he cover near to all 7 of the below red flags of things he should never say on a first date – run for the hills.

Female friends

“I have more female friends than male friends.”

This statement alone is the total turn off. When we’re dating a guy, the last thing we want to be worrying about is the large group of females he’s hanging out with on the regular. We’re also thinking about how many of them he’s welcomed into his bed. Even if it’s none, we’re thinking about it.

Career bragging

We’re all for a successful man, but someone that keeps talking and bragging about their career isn’t sexy. Bring in the money baby but do it humbly. We all have to work and your job isn’t ‘more’ important than ours.

Past drunken stories

This one is a major red flag of maturity. We’ve all met the one guy who can only talk about his reckless nights out. For him, his biggest accomplishment is how much he drank, how wasted he got, how wrecked he was the day after and all the crazy things he did that he can’t remember. Yeah, major turn off.



Why do men feel the need to talk about money on a first date? They might mention how much they’re earning, the outstanding debt left on their car repayments or weekly rent. On a first date, it’s nobody’s business to know the financial situation of either party. Discuss those details at another time, like date 5 or 10. If they think this topic will impress us, it won’t. It’s annoying more than anything.

Hookers or strip clubs

Talking and sharing the details about their last venture at the strip club or with a hooker is the least of your concern. It’s not exactly screaming boyfriend material and not something we want to hear or know. What he does as a single guy is his business, but right now he is here with you so he should be acting like a gentleman.


STOP. Exes and past relationships should be kept off the table. There is no need for him to open that door and spill out raw emotions or discuss how awful or wonderful she was. Again, how is this going to make us feel?

Social media stalking

“According to your Instagram and Snapchat Story, you had a wild time last night.”

Creepy much? Social media stalking is a no, no. We’ve all been victim to online ‘research’ but inevitably, let’s keep it on the low. No need know that your date has been checking in on you the very minute you make an update. Simply put, it’s uncomfortable.