7 things every woman does after a first bad date

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Two words: Bad. Date.

As hopeless romantics in a city of over 2 million people, going on at least one bad date in a lifetime is inevitable.

With men not being gentlemen these days and technology being a major distraction, sadly date-doom is bound to happen.

But what’s more disappointing is that we put a decent amount of effort into our appearance. We buy the new jaw-dropping outfit, spend two hours on hair and makeup, shave our bodies hairless and then – slip into our sexiest pair of stilettos. We spend the evening strutting our stuff trying to look effortless though we are in an undeniable amount of pain and discomfort.

After we’ve dressed to slay, the date takes an unexpected turn and the guy becomes a regrettable encounter. Maybe he chooses the wrong restaurant, or maybe he pays more attention to the waitress, or maybe he says something too controversial. Either way, he crosses the line and you realise you deserve better.

Quickly it's deemed as a bad date and you now have to suffer from the consequences of developing feelings. Without question, you have to come down from your high and deal with the withdrawal symptoms of crushed hopes for a potential love story.

It’s always a nice little rollercoaster ride when someone takes an interest in you but when it ends ... there’s always a sting. But how you recover from it will define you.

Which brings us to the top 7 things a woman does when she tries to recover from a bad date.


1. Call your girlfriends and have a (b*tchfest) de-brief
The girls get it. They love you and sometimes that’s all you need to hear. Plus, the extra assurance of hearing how amazing you are does help boost your ego.


2. Stalk your exes on Facebook
Not sure why we do this, maybe it’s the need to find something familiar or something to compare the disappointment too. Maybe fueling the pain is the one thing that helps us heal?


3. Text the ex
It’s that weak moment where you spend about 45 minutes constructing the perfect text message to send your ex. But you end up spending another 10 minutes fighting with yourself on whether or not to press send. Finally, on the hour, you press delete because you realise it is a mistake in the making.


4. Take way too many selfies
Let’s be honest, you’ve arrived home from a bad date but you still look fabulous. Your makeup is on point, your hair is rocking those VS curls, and that dress is hugging your curves in the right places. There is nothing else to do other than take a fresh bunch of selfies ... and join Tinder.


5. Freak out on Tinder
After you’ve spent 25 minutes perfecting your Tinder profile and another 45 minutes swiping left, you freak out! You find yourself wondering why on earth you are in this situation. Why did you join the Tinder world? You can just feel the desperation on every level.


6. Get your food on
Order greasy Chinese food, pour yourself a glass of white wine and binge watch Sex and the City. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are your soul sisters because they totally understand what you are going through.


7. Suck it up
Quote the wise words by Elizabeth Taylor, "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."

You never know, Mr. Amazing may be right around the corner, but for now it's time to perfect that hair flick, because hunny ... you are fabulous!