7 things a woman thinks when your friend moves in on your ex

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So imagine this, you've fallen for the guy of your dreams and within a year it blows up in your face and you're left with a broken heart.

While you're trying to recover and survive from the toxic shock, your friend decides to pull a sneaky and spitefully hurts you for her benefit.

The guy you fell for, who you loved and cared for, is being subtly moved in on by your best friend.

Her conniving ways are purposefully organised in a sequence to break your heart.

No one can date a friend's ex without there being major consequences.

So on that note, here's 7 things every woman thinks when she hears her best friend is moving in on her ex.

1. I don't care.
(Currently putting all your energy into looking like you don't give a f#ck.)


2. You really want to play this game? I am so much crazier than you.
(Currently trying to look like you have a plan, even though you're having a total mind blank)


3. I don't understand why you would do this.
(Currently trying to act civil by simply asking the obvious)


4. Oh, you can't understand why I'm upset?
(Currently fuming on the inside)


5. You start to question your entire friendship.
(Currently processing who could be your next BFF)


6. Realising that this relationship is broken beyond repair.
(Currently having an epiphany that you deserve better in a friendship)


7. Choosing to not be affected.
(Currently displaying enough enthusiasm to look like you don't have time for this)