7 survival tactics for when you run into an ex

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1. Breathe
Staying calm and relaxed speaks wonders about how you've moved on. (even if you haven't)

2. Act surprised
Acting surprised when you see him adds to the illusion that he was the last thing on your mind. (even if he wasn't)

3. Be mature
There is no need to recklessly start bragging about your new boyfriend or throw hurtful comments about his bad habits. Be strong and confident and hold a conversation like the adult that you are.

4. Control the situation
Being in control of the conversation and situation shows growth ... and that's sexy. Keep it brief, no need to babble about the future or old times - say hello, see how he is going, say something nice and then say goodbye.

4. Don't be transparent
Even if you feel like crying or you think you miss him - don't show it! In this situation it's best not to wear your emotions on your sleeve. It's not attractive and neither is mascara stains on your cheekbones.

5. Tone down the flirting
If feelings are still there or you're feeling like a power trip, the urge to flirt is at hand. Tone it down because it usually comes off like you're seeking attention. Remember, you are enough and you don't need anyone to justify that.

6. Reading between the lines
Ladies, we know we are prone to do this. Don't assume they are speaking in riddles or think they are dropping hints. Simply accept that yes - you saw them but that's it. Move on. It only took up a few minutes of your life so don't let it waste anymore.

7. Be fabulous
This should come naturally - odds are, you already are fabulous.