7 signs you follow Carrie Bradshaw's rules of love

7 reasons why, just like our favourite Sex and the City star, you won't settle for anything less than amazing.

7 reasons why, just like our favourite Sex and the City star, you won't settle for anything less than amazing.

As die-hard SATC fans, we can solemnly say that to this day, we use the show as a sort of bible for both fashion and love. From her Manolo's to her marriage, we sure follow closely and take note of exactly how to handle things just like our girl, Carrie, would. After every heartache, she bounced back more confident (and more stylish than ever), and over 10 years later, it is safe to say that we still attempt to emulate her in almost every way possible.

When it comes to love, Carrie was both brave and passionate. Read on and discover if you too have succeeded in mastering the always desirable Bradshaw ways.

1. You've had your fair share of bad break ups

Okay, so you might not have been dumped via a post it note (yet), but you've definitely experienced more heartbreak than the average girl. You love deeply and sometimes, guys can't handle your individuality. But it's their loss, and they know it as well as you do.

2. You rely on your girlfriend's for just about everything

For you, your friends are your family. You have a close knit group of girls that mean the world to you, and you wouldn't trade any of them for a guy (even if he is Bradley Cooper!)

3. You ditch a guy the second you realise he's not the one

You're not the type to wait around. If a guy doesn't make the effort, or if you're a little iffy about your future together, you will cut him loose just like that. Just like Carrie and the jazz guy, if you're not his top priority, you know all too well that he's not worth your precious time.

4. You're not a kid person

You're no Cruella de Vil, but kids just aren't for you. You're happy to hold a friend's bub over brunch, but one of your own? No thanks. Just like Carrie and Big, you are more than happy for it to just be the two of you (once you meet him of course).

5. You're afraid of commitment

Sure, you've had a bunch of boyfriends. You don't mind a guy spending the night, or even making things exclusive. But the second he tries to put a ring on your finger, boom, he's got you running for the hills.

6. You always go for the bad boy

You might amuse yourself with an Aidan for a while, but you can't resist the allure of a bad boy. There will always be that one guy that you're inexplicably drawn to, no matter how sweet someone else is. Our only suggestion: save everyone the pain and break up with your nice guy kindly. Don't do a Carrie and go behind his back – way too much drama for our liking!

7. You don't settle for any one less than Mr Big

Despite the countless mediocre boyfriends, bad dates and the occasional one night stands, you know your worth. Hold out for a guy who will build you your dream shoe closet. After all of the drama, you deserve it.

If these signs resonated with you, congratulations, you are pretty much the closest thing to Carrie. You know what you want and exactly how to get it. You are strong willed, effortlessly fashionable and undeniably unique. Keep doing exactly what you're doing. You might have to meet a few Jack Berger's and Alexander Petrovsky's along the way, but your Mr Big is out there. Keep falling head first into love and we guarantee, he's not as far off the horizon as you think.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis