7 signs that you have struck Tinder gold

Written by Jessica Lunan

How to tell if you've matched with a decent guy on Tinder.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I saw a meme that resinated with me on another level. It said something about how when our grandparents were dating they’d mark their relationship as official through flowers. Today’s version is that we delete Tinder.

It’s no secret that we’re currently a generation of emotionally emotionless fools. Between all of the f*boys, players, one night stands and no strings attached relationships the truth is the majority of us are pretending to not be catching the feeling when in reality we caught it last week and just want to be held.

Yet, every now and then whilst swiping through the abundance of possible matches you can strike gold and find someone who not only says they’re not a f*boy, but actually means it. I know, I know, que eye roll, but it’s true. Here’s how to know when you’ve struck Tinder gold.

1. They don’t start the conversation with a cheesy pick up line

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a good pick up line. But when being repeatedly asked time and time again what your latest match and a couch has in common it can get a little old.

2. Crushing on the personality

As we all know, being physically attracted to someone is a major factor as to why we want to get intimate with a person. Yet when you find someone who has an amazing personality and makes you laugh, you’ll find how good they look is just a bonus.

3. They want to take you on real dates

No Netflix and chill here. You know you’ve struck Tinder gold when they want to take you out for dinner, mini golfing and to the movies.

4. They aren’t obsessed with getting you in bed

It’s no secret that Tinder is bursting with guys who are only interested in getting to know you on a... physical level. When you’ve struck Tinder gold, your guy will be interested in you whether you want to sleep with them straightaway or not. And if you want to see how things pan out before doing the nasty they won’t ghost you.

5. They can hold a conversation in real life

It’s so easy to break the ice over Tinder, yet when talking face to face, especially when you’ve never met someone in real life, sometimes you’ll find you have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. When you’ve struck Tinder gold the conversation will flow effortlessly, and even if there are a few silences they’ll be comfortable.

How to tell if you've matched with a decent guy on Tinder.

6. They don’t make your skin crawl

So it sounds harsh, but have you ever met someone who is just unexplainably... creepy? Especially over Tinder, if you match with anyone who uses pet names like Baby Girl just seconds after matching you know that they aren’t for you. Well, unless you’re into that kind of thing.

7. They leave you wanting more

And not in that sense (well maybe a little). But they intrigue you and you’re left wanting to know more about them.

How to tell if you've matched with a decent guy on Tinder.