7 signs that you are both sexually compatible

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How can you tell if you and your lover are bang on hot stuff in the bedroom?

There is no question that sexual compatibility plays a rather significant role in relationship satisfaction. So how can you tell if you and your lover are bang on hot stuff in the bedroom? Read on because we have put together a small checklist that will have you jumping him for joy. Even if you don’t say yes to all 7, the good news is you can improve! You might just have to slot in some sexy time to practice. Wink, wink.

You both communicate

What you like, what you LOVE and what you want to try. If you’re both able to encourage each other and talk about your sex life, then hunny .... you are leading the way to a happy humping haven!

You are both attentive

Slow or fast, it’s the details that count. You both take each sexual endeavor as an adventure of exploration. Discovering each other’s beautiful bodies and paying attention to their birthmarks or beauty spots is like admiring a work of art.

You both care about each other’s pleasure

Orgasm or not, sex isn’t always about the big finish. It’s about unity and intimacy. Making sure you and your lover are having a wild time in the bedroom is of the utmost importance. Ahh, and yes of course, orgasms are a favourite.

You are both turned on by each other’s satisfaction

When they squint a little more, their fingers curl while clenching the sheets and their breathing gets a little heavier, it’s those moments of pure ecstasy that are the ultimate turn on. Seeing your partner pleasured is slice of satisfaction.

Your bodies are both practically synced

Don’t you just love it when your bodies work together in a united synergy? Sure, sure, we’re only human so of course there are times when movements are just going to be down right awkward. Though, when you’re synced it means you’re basically complementing each other. Simply put, it’s effortless.

You are both open to trying new things

Oooooh, this is fun! Whether it is a new position, new location or maybe even a sex toy. You’re both confident enough to discuss it openly and introduce an exciting element or two to spice things up under the covers.

You both make the time to keep the passion alive

Maybe it’s a quick lunchtime rendezvous or a steamy long weekend getaway – you’re both making the effort to spoil each other. Finding time isn’t always easy with life’s daily bustle, but by being spontaneous or scheduling to enjoy each other’s naked bodies shows you both value your sexy time.