7 Signs that Show You are Ready to Date Again

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We all need some space for a period of time and there is nothing wrong with this but eventually it's time to get up, show up and take the first step forward.

Everyone's solo period will vary but the question is how do you know when to start looking for "Mr. Right"?

Here are seven signs to help you know whether or not the time is now:

1. You're anchored

Your emotions are stable. Crying yourself to sleep, the heart-sinking feeling when you hear 'your' song on the radio or the obsessive stalking on social media has all settled. That unpredictable and uncontrollable whirlwind of despondency has nearly vanished.

2. The ex is not that interesting anymore

Let's rewind ... When everything was still fresh and painful, he was all you could talk about. The good, the bad and the plain ugly. Now, instead of reminiscing everytime you see something that was familiar - you're working up a sweat trying to remember his name.

3. Your career is flourishing

Your work life is on point. You're happy with your career, enjoying the financial stability and there are no major stress factors (within reason) that are blocking your positive energy. You feel like that independent woman who can take care of herself.

4. You make time for you

You are happy with who you are. From health, fitness and personal presentation - you are content and satisfied with you.

You're taking the time to do things for yourself by pushing boundaries, trying new things and taking chances.

You're investing in your mind and soul while soaking up every moment and celebrating you.

5. Say goodbye to toxic relationships

You've made a decision that you will be happy with or without a man. You understand that first and foremost comes you. You have no time for toxic relationships, rebounds, one night stands and being in a relationship just for the sake of it. You're taking control of the reigns and making sure that the next real thing in your life is actually of a good standard.

6. The rebirth of confidence

Let's be honest, when you suffer from a heartbreak everything kind of seems bland. The walk in our step, eye contact and putting in effort all comes off boring and dull. But when you heal there is a confidence that is restored. Girl, you start strutting, your head's raised high and there is a beauty that emanates from within. It's a place of self assurance - and that alone is attractive.

7. You are emotionally available

Whether it be trust, the willingness to open up or accepting your own flaws, becoming emotionally vulnerable can be terrifying. But because of your new strength, you understand that you can be in control. You don't need to be or do anything you don't want. This is where you take the reigns and do what's best for you.

You will know when the time is right to begin the next stage of your journey. Listen to your heart, trust in yourself and be open minded.

You never know - he might just be around the corner.