7 Signs that indicate your man will be amazing in bed

Sexy man signs that he will be good in bed

Ladies, we all know there’s nothing worse than investing time and effort into dating a guy only to realise a few dates, weeks or months later (whatever takes your fancy, you do you!) that he is totally blah in bed. YAWN!

Dating takes up your valuable time and is oh-so-much effort; why waste it on a dud?

These 7 signs indicate that he will be worth the effort and make up for it in the bedroom when the time comes...

Guy walking in a sexy way shows he will be good in bed

1. He walks well.

While you might be thinking WTF, we really believe that a guy’s posture and the way he walks says a lot about the amount of effort he will put in, and how his body can move. Be aware of men who walk limp and seriously uncoordinated... awkward.

2. He has big hands.

The bigger the hands, the better he can feel you babe.

3. He is adventurous and enjoys trying new things.

Look, we’re going to let this one speak for itself.

Guy eating pizza in a sexy way shows he will be good in bed

4. He loves his food and eats... well normally.

Does he savour his delicious bites or does he ravenously stuff his face? While a good appetite goes hand in hand with a lusty libido, he shouldn’t be sloppy or greedy.

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5. He is confident without trying too hard.

You know those men who try way too hard to impress you, they are usually compensating for something. But a man who has a sense of humour and is just the right amount of cocky, he usually knows what he is doing in the bedroom.

Sexy guy making eye contact shows he will be good in bed

6. He makes eye contact frequently.

If he is not afraid to stare lustfully into your eyes and hold eye contact, be excited for the attentiveness and passion to come in the bedroom. But just watch out for the one who never breaks eye contact, this usually screams psycho.

7. He's a really ambitious person.

If he is unmotivated in life, he will most likely be lazy in the bedroom.

Of course there are exceptions to each of these, but most of the time your intuition will let you know, listen to your gut ladies!

Image source: Tumblr

Words: Frances van Eeden