7 Signs he is experienced and will blow your mind

Say you have a bit of time before you jump in the sack with this mysteriously hot lover.

7 Signs he is experienced and will blow your mind in bed featuring Fifty Shades of Grey characters

The following are a few signs that indicate he's experienced under the sheets and will potentially blow your mind in the bedroom.

1. He's a great kisser

His kissing style will reveal his bedroom ways. If he likes to kiss you softly and know show to tease you with his lips, then rest assured that he will have you longing for more as he takes you to the finish line.

2. His bathroom is stocked for an adult sleepover

His bathroom is tidy and stocks those extra supplies such as extra tooth brushes, razors, pads and tampons. He has an array of condoms, lubricants, two flavours of mouthwash and possibly hair pins and and hair ties.

3. He's confident about his equipment

He knows that there is no need to explain, brag or justify anything. He is confident that showing you what he can do is better than telling you about it.

4. He's creative and experimental

It's not pornstar play rather the art of two bodies working together cohesively because he knows how to hold and move you to amp things up a lot!

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5. He's totally into foreplay

A guy who gets that foreplay is important understands that the teasing and touching is the secret ingredient to a mind blowing ending. If he's patient and enjoys a sexy adventure then he's probably had a few under his belt.

6. He pays attention to your signals

Whether you are softly moaning, or how your body trembles, he is taking notes to ensure those motions are only accelerated.

7. He makes sure you're satisfied first

His desire to to make sure that he blows your mind. For him, you finishing first is the ultimate sign that he's reigning in the bedroom.

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