Revelations when moving in with your partner

Nothing could have prepared you for this.

Moving in with your partner is meant to be a really exciting time – and for the most part, it is. But there are certain surprises that come with suddenly cohabitating. Here is our list of the 7 most frustrating, surprising and odd things you’ll learn once you share a living space, and make you want to kill each other!

Weird and annoying habits are revealed

Does your partner clip their toenails in bed? Blast ACDC when they’re in the shower? Insist on lining up the coffee mugs a certain way? Whatever it is, you are suddenly confronted with it and will have to decide whether you can deal with it or if you need to have the “please don’t leave toenails in the bed” talk.

Having to put up with what they choose to watch

If they got home first or they have the remote, you could be stuck watching Futurama when all you want to do is check out The Bachelorette. After all, an all-out war over the remote is only cute when you’re a kid and it’s with your siblings. As adults living together, you have to use that dreaded word: compromise. Alternatively you could whine until you get your way, but this could have ramifications later when you have to let them choose what’s for dinner.

They discover the real you, and you them

No one should be perfectly coiffed all the time at home. Your other half is going to see you in all your natural glory: hairy legs, greasy scalp, no makeup, stained old pyjamas. You’ll see them at their most unwashed too, and that’s fine. As long as it doesn’t become a long term hygiene issue, it’s okay to let your partner see you being a slob now and again.

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Periods happen

Shocking, but true! The bathroom cupboard is going to be stocked with pads, tampons, and other things your other half never knew existed (or pretended not to know about; ignorance is bliss). As long as you’re courteous with each other and no one is busted wearing pads on their arms like the Libra ad guy, all will be fine.

Toilet anxiety

Look, toilet anxiety is a thing. You could be nervous about sharing a bathroom. But if you are living with this person, you are going to have to acknowledge that you are both humans. Nature calls. Deal with it, and try not to get too grossed out if someone takes the newspaper in there.

The odd couple

About four seconds after moving in, you will discover who is messy and who is neat. The wars that ensue will be full of passive-aggressive acts such as shoving everything to someone’s side of the bedroom, or gathering all the empty chip packets and leaving them under the culprit’s pillow. To avoid resentment, come to a compromise (there’s that word again! So grown up!) about how neat things should be kept and who has to clean up. My go-to tidying solution is to shove everything I own into the wardrobe and hope it doesn’t crash down on me later.

They’re annoying in bed

This is possibly the worst thing you can discover when you start living together. Is someone a blanket thief, a space hog or a chronic snorer? Bedtime antics can turn deadly if a person is deprived of their beauty sleep. Just try not to suffocate your partner with a pillow when they snore or kick them off the bed if they roll away with the blankets.

Words: Hanna Sloan