7 red flags that says she wants to breakup with you

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The ending of a fling or relationship isn’t easy. Usually the story begins with fireworks and eventually feelings plateau everything spirals downwards from there. If you’ve ever had and lost a connection with a partner then you know the breakup is the worst part. Letting someone go or freeing yourself from them isn’t always a smooth ride, it usually comes with tears, red wine and ice cream.

In the perfect world, breakups would be mutual and everyone could walk away with a deep understanding and possibly even maintain a friendship. Though realistically, that is a rarity and when the awareness sets in that the passion is fizzling out - it can be difficult to navigate through.

So here are 7 things that are slightly subtle or pretty damn obvious that we are no longer into him and possibly not being true to ourselves.


I’m not referring to being in different states; here I’m talking about being right next to each other yet not being present.


No it’s not the temperature. It’s where a lack of sincerity comes to freeze over the conversation and connection.


The moment where everything about them seems uninteresting. Remember when wasting time was an indulgent guilty pleasure with your lover? Well now, you feel like there are a million other things you could be doing that are more productive and exciting.


All of sudden you’re looking at the person you thought you fell deeply for and their mere existence starts to irritate you in ways unimaginable. Picking fights and bickering about minor things has become a new way to dance around awkward feelings of being unhappy.


This is a touchy topic. Fear of being alone, fear of being unhappy, fear of change, fear of monogamy – all of these feelings are uncomfortable. Having to deal with those concerns can be a distraction within the relationship.


Faking happiness, interest or passion? Stop acting and be true to yourself. You’re partner will see through it and eventually those over exaggerated actions will be exposed.


It is possible to be with someone yet feel like you’re riding solo.

No one sign can be the end all but it does open the door for communication. Do what is and feels right for you. And whatever the outcome may be, know that it will get better and that you’re not alone.