7 Confessions about Dating THAT Guy Who Needs to Grow Up

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Happily ... Never Ever

A.K.A. THAT Guy who makes empty promises. Yes hunny, he selfishly lied so he could have an ego trip.

We met on a late Sunday afternoon at the bar. We were both there because of a mutual friend but little did that matter after I had fallen under the spell of his intimidating gaze. His deceitful blue eyes, over confident personality and disgustingly sexy charm had me hooked ... completely.

By the end of the night I thought I had found my new lover. We exchanged numbers, embraced in the perfect too-long hug and then my awfully painful wait began. Yes, he was the guy who was present in the moment but as soon as we went our separate ways, I became non-existent. In summary, I never heard from him. EVER.

Janine, 32 NSW

Hit it and Quit it

A.K.A. THAT Guy who's all about scoring. He's sweet and charming up until he gets what he wants.

Five romantic dinners dates eventually turned into the first sleep over. He cooked, he cleaned, his apartment was spotless, he's perfect right? WRONG.

The sex was amazing - mind blowing actually - he layed there and said to me, "When can I see you again?". And that was all I needed to hear. I knew he was sold, he's falling for me. We organised another naughty dinner date for three days later. I went home and couldn't wait. Everything was going so well, maybe this time round things are going to be different?

But not exactly - he cancelled the date a few hours before, rescheduled for a week later, then cancelled that date the day before and then there was silence for two weeks, which then lead to a booty call text message at 1am on a school night!

- Anonymous

He was a Texter

A.K.A. THAT Guy who is completely incapable of having any form of verbal communication on the phone with you.

I fell for a guy who would never ever call me! Sometimes in a moment of weakness I would dial away and hope he would answer, (if he did answer - it was always awkward,) but he would never make that first move. For the whole seven months of on-and-off dating, not once did I receive a phone call from him. He simply preferred to Snapchat or text!

Sally, 22 WA

4. I was the Secret

A.K.A. THAT Guy who decides to blurr all the lines. No wait, he crossed them. Lier, cheater, manipulator - the list goes on.

We dated for six months but he refused to introduce me to his friends. He would always find an excuse to exclude me from his hang outs. Honestly, I think he was cheating - I think I was the side-chick.

Katherine, 21 VIC

No Scrubs

A.K.A. THAT Guy who never has any money. He wants to pretend he can afford you but he can't even afford himself.

I would proclaim the lyrics from No Scrubs by TLC at the top of my lungs with my girlfriends but I never thought that I would find my very own...SCRUB.

I was blind because his compliments soothed my restless soul but he was 31 with no car, no house, no money and no phone credit.

I don't want to sound superficial but as an independent woman I was looking for a little more security than what his nothingness had to offer.

TLC said it best, "A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me."

Amarina 30, VIC

Erratically Emotionally Unavailable

A.K.A. THAT Guy who has major commitment issues.

I dated a guy for one year and but we were never official. We would date consistently for say four weeks but then we wouldn't see each other for a few months. It was the weirdest situation for me as I'm used to security. Anyway, for the few weeks that we were properly dating he would be completely emotionally available. We would talk about our fears, failures and our dreams. But once he started to feel vulnerable he would block me out until he was ready to be an adult again. He was a runner ... I hated him for it but I kept going back because I thought we had something special, he opened up to me and I thought that meant he thought I was different.

Kyleigh, 28 QLD

Addicted to the P...

A.K.A. THAT guy who needs to grow up. He loves to escape into the virtual world for way too long.

I didn't know about his addiction to PlayStation until I heard about it from a friend. Apparently he could sit for six hours straight and play these games with random people online! After four months I started to noticed that every time I stopped by unannounced he would be on his PlayStation.

Anyway the real deal breaker was when we were watching an action packed movie and he started to continuously reference the film's scenes to his Grand Theft Auto game. That's when I knew it was over.

Rochelle, 23 QLD