6 times you've surrendered or been saved by your inner sexy

There is a time and place for everything – why do you think cars come with mirrors on the sun visor? Much like the convenience of a traffic-light-makeover, there are times when sexy saved us and when channeling our inner Carmen Sutra surrendered us. It’s a matter of balancing if there is enough time to take on the lippy before the light goes green and knowing to quit when we’re ahead – or clinching the waist a bit tighter or keeping things professional. A tough decision.

Save: The right kind of party
This is the moment for which the contemporary version of sexy was invented. The lights are dimmed, the track is a bit of fresh deep house, there isn’t a drink in site which isn’t Moet and the men know how good they look. It’s this kind of scenario in which we’re allowed to make up for all the times we chose not be sexy. Now remember ladies, tasteful, classic and confident is key here.

Surrender: In the professional realm
Nothing says eager like a dark lip at a job interview – and we don’t mean the right kind of eager either. By all means, take the wardrobe up a notch but remember we’re trying to show our professional abilities, not our nipples.

Save: Behind closed doors
Ladies, it’s time to shine. If sexy is your forte, there is no better time to go all out than behind closed doors. Whether with your man or the arts of Dita Von Teese, (or both) now is the time to show off what you have, what you can do and how well you do it. Have fun and play nice.

Surrender: In the street
We might be going form a behind closed doors or the right kind of party situation but sexy on the street is only ok under a large coat and with company for back-up. We’re talking for your personal safety and the safety of your morale. Like we said, there is a time and place.

Save: At home, every day (the best kind of sexy)
This form of sexy isn’t about what we are wearing or the shade of our lipstick, it’s about when we’re most comfortable, ourselves and content with where we are. This is the moment we fall in love all over again, laugh, cry, dream and plan, whether in our undies or a tracksuit. There is nothing more sexy than happy.

Surrender: Uncomfortable sexy
This is a very simple key to follow – if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Maybe the lip is a bit bold, the pencil skirt a bit tight or the whole mood a bit out. Sexy is not a movement for the faint hearted so if you’re not feeling it, put the Louboutins away for another day.