6 Signs he only wants sex and not to get to know you

It’s amazing when you meet someone and there is instant chemistry; but does he really want to get to know you... or are you just another conquest on his list of lovers?

Signs he only wants sex and not to be a couple in love

So you wear your heart on your sleeve and are always open with people you date about what you want? When it comes to men, you either get lucky and find someone who knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to let you know it, or it can be tricky trying to decode what his intentions are.

After a series of dud dates, there is nothing more exciting than meeting someone that you instantly connect with. The conversation is fun, the flirting is cheeky and he knows just where to kiss and touch you. The only way to describe it is... intense! But are you really special or is this just his "thing"?

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Of course we totally encourage the confidence to ask but sometimes, you just can’t trust them can you? Regardless of what’s coming out of his mouth, his actions speak for themselves.

Here’s how you know he only wants sex and not love.

He only ever compliments your looks

Sure, we love being complimented on how hot our booty looks in that new pair of jeans, but if he only ever takes note of your physical features and not your personality – like your killer sense of humour - then he only wants one thing.

He’s never actually taken you on a real date

So you never make it out of the house for a proper date – be it dinner and a movie or a day at the beach – because he just has so much to do after you’ve hooked up? When you do order food or 'catch a movie' he insists on splitting the bill, that way it’s not really a date.

He never asks about your life outside of the bedroom

He doesn’t care about your day, your family or your feelings; he doesn’t care because he just wants sex.

How rude that he only wants sex and not love

He gets frustrated when watching Netflix is actually just watching Netflix

He doesn’t enjoy doing the things couples do in relationships, like watching a movie, spooning on the couch or kissing, without it leading elsewhere.

He makes it REALLY HARD for you to stay over

“Oh sorry my shower seems to be broken...”, “Oh sorry I have a thing in the morning...”, he will never tell you to leave but keeps dropping hints that sleeping over is not acceptable.

He makes you wait to hear from him

After spending some steamy quality time together women tend to feel a connection, meaning you look forward to texting, seeing or talking to him again. But he sends you on your way and it takes days before you hear from him again.

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Ladies, you are so much more than just a placeholder or timekiller. You deserve a man who makes you feel great but also loves you for you! 

Words: Frances van Eeden